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by Stuart Charles Black

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“Just wanted to let you know that I held off on buying a pair of cans until I was able to afford the Sennheiser HD600. Best audio purchase IMO. Thanks for writing all those great articles on your site; I wouldn’t have thought of saving for the HD600s without them.”
-Kyle Chan
“They arrived today (the m40x), epic f*****g headphones I cannot believe this magic. This power. I mean, it’s neutral in all aspects! Thank you so much and congratulations from Mexico. Maybe I don’t speak English very well but I can understand and write too. You’re the God of the reviews without an inclination in your own taste of the product. Thank you so much Stuart.”
-Maximiliano Rhymes
“I just received my mdr-v6 in the mail. They are so much better than my wireless Sony headphones that cost the same… lol. Thank you for helping me with the purchase!”
Universe Man Music
“I just want to say, Stuart, that it’s refreshing to read your honest reviews on headphones. While yours are not the only good reviews, there are a lot of fanboys pushing products and it’s not all that hard to tell which reviews are somehow paid for through commercialism.

It took me many hours of research before I was able to find the painstaking, excellent work you’ve presented. Your work far exceeds the norm on the web and I really appreciate you giving your valuable time and energy to help me and others reach a difficult decision. You rock!”
-Mike Ginty
“Finally, I got my 7506 and happy that I own this classic pair after our very long conversations that answered every bit of detail in my questions to the last one which left no question mark on my mind.

You really care and are a very helpful person and I feel very glad that I came across this site before making my own decision.

Hope to see this site getting only better in time.
-Berk Yelim
“Hey thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my questions man <3. Your videos and articles really helped me a lot.”
I got a Hifiman Edition X V2 based on a video you made and I remember you took the time out to give me a very detailed response to my question about how bright they are compared to the Sundaras and Anandas, and it was spot on – they were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks heaps for the help and keep doing your thing man !
-YouTube Commenter
“Hey man, just wanted to say that I found your site a couple of days ago while looking for some mic comparisons for the AT2020. I’m a rookie at this studio stuff, and barely beginning (still buying the hardware part, lol), but man… I gave up searching on google when I discovered your site, ’cause honestly, I haven’t found a place with more resources and info into this stuff than your site. You rock man. Your site rocks. Please, for the sake of newbs like me just starting out, keep up the hard work, ’cause it sure as heck has helped me a LOT, and will probably help me even more when I get into the ‘real’ stuff.
Glad to see that there’s people around sharing their experiences and knowledge for the ‘greater good’ of strangers which they may never know. (Crazy, huh?) Oh, that’s the beauty of the internet, for sure!
Thanks again buddy! See ya!”
-Felipe Donadon
“Thanks for the response Stu, I totally enjoy your reviews! I have gained as much or more knowledge and insight from your site as I have from any other I have seen.

I am a true fan, and although I have most certainly perused and totally enjoyed your headset reviews, when I upgrade to a fancier planar headset I’ll be asking your advice for sure. The HE400S may be my first planar, but it won’t be my last!!
Thx again…”
-Neil Mitchell
“Thanks for sharing all this priceless information. This site is a beacon for lots of people out there in the audio darkness.
I can feel your passion within and between the lines to something that you really love.

This site is genuine example for how professional sites about audio equipment should look like.
It is a true pleasure roaming your site, keep up the great job you’re doing here.

THANKS for all the assistance in choosing the HD700s, now the task, is an amp/dac.”
-Gabriel Even
“I fell upon this website while trying to make a decision on what headphones to treat myself too. Stu and I swapped numerous emails, full of my questions and his knowledge. Having spent hours reading through all of his reviews, I have become far more knowledgeable in the area and ultimately with his help have settled on a pair of cans I have truly fallen in love with (grado sr325e).

Keep up the good work buddy, I’ll be spreading the word about this fantastic guy and the huge resources on his website to all my friends.”
-Lee Squelch
“Home Studio Basics provided an excellent recommendation for my audio setup. It was the first website I found to provide exactly what I needed. More importantly, I contacted Stu and he went out of his way to make sure I purchased the best setup specific for my needs. Excellent experience! I highly recommend Stu and Home Studio Basics.”
-William Knight
“Thank you so much for your extremely in-depth reviews. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. It was a Godsend for you to answer all the questions anyone would have. You do have a way of breaking down tech speak so we Gronks can understand in common language. Your insight is so valuable. Thank you.”
-Keith Aldrige
“I really enjoy your evaluations and think they are the best on the internet!”
-Jonathan Finkle
“Thanks for your help by the way! That guide (The Best Headphones for Gaming) was the best I had found. Was a breath of fresh air having things easily spelled out and rated on a fun vs. competitive scale.
I just wanted some good headphones, since I myself am not an audiophile.”
-Charlie Wessel
“Overall, I’m impressed, and also thankful for finding this site and this review just in time before I pulled the trigger on the headphones. Couldn’t be happier right now.
Thanks for everything, Stu!
Peace out.”
“I wanted to post this here so hopefully you see it. We were talking in the comments section of your HD25 review about whether to get those or the V6’s. I bought the V6’s and love them even for casual listening. I like them better than my HD 598’s in that regard actually.

I’m a huge fan of your website and YouTube channel my dude, thanks so much for the help. It’s great that you actually engage with the people that follow you and help them out. Keep up the great work! You provide a great service for beginners like me. Thank you so much!”
-Brennan Parker
Hey Stu,
Just a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your website reviews and watching your YouTube material.

Researching DAC choices is how I stumbled across your YouTube channel.
I like your light hearted, honest style that’s informative & free from that ‘audiophile elitism’.
I’ve been pulled down the audiophile rabbit hole in the distant past & it’s all too easy to forget that it’s the music that’s key.

Thank you too for rekindling my enthusiasm to explore different music genres (currently chilling to Mac Miller).
Wishing you every success with your endeavours.
Kind regards from the UK.

Don't forget to share if you found it helpful!