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  • 1/15/20. New image with a couple of updated icons (Headphones and Resources).
  • 1/11/21. New Trophy and DF Red icons.

Hey Guys!

I updated the site navigation from the Home Page as well as the Menu 🙂 Just click the section you wish to peruse!

  1. Headphone Reviews & Comparisons
  2. Microphone Reviews & Comparisons
  3. Amps, DACs, and Audio Interfaces
  4. The Budget Kings Series
  5. Studio Monitors
  6. Beats, Production, & Turntables
  7. Gaming, Movies, & Pop Culture
  8. Build a Home Studio Guide
  9. Best Of
  10. Resources

Contact me if you would like to send something for demo. I’m always looking to test new products out! Just use the form “All other Inquiries & Questions” 🙂

All the best and God bless,





Be sure to check out my Resources page for more helpful and informative articles!






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