Skull Candy Uproar Wireless Review

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  • 9/9/19. Added Pros and Cons Box at the bottom. Updated article to reflect some build issues that I had recently with the padding.

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  6. Video Review
  7. Amp/DAC requirements
  8. Who these headphones benefit?
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  11. Final Word

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Skull Candy Uproar Wireless


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I have really come to admire these headphones. I kind of bought them on a whim one day while perusing Wal-Mart. I had intended to purchase a pair of Bluetooth headphones for use at the gym, but it wasn’t really on my radar at the time.

I was actually shopping for something else and made my typical rounds in the electronics department. I don’t think it’s possible to just pass by electronics without taking a look, right? In all my 29 years, I don’t think it’s happened once, lol.

So I saw these babies sitting there on the shelf and they were calling my name. Got ’em home, unwrapped the box and fired ’em up. I was thoroughly impressed. The build quality is solid, and they feel just heavy enough to put your mind at ease. They really are pretty rugged.


  • Comfortable. I don’t really have to take them off at all.
  • Features. I’m digging the volume control and play/pause button on the right ear-cup.
  • No batteries required. Just charge it up via USB.
  • Charge holds for a long time. I was extremely impressed with this. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to use a product for such a long time without having to charge it.
  • They have an impressively long range. I can walk about 40-50 feet away from my phone without them cutting out. Anything more than that and they will cut out.
  • Of course them being wireless is a huge plus. I can’t think of anything more convenient as far as headphones go.
  • Lightweight and durable. I’ve slept with these on more times than I can count and they’re still going strong. I’ve thrown them, tossed them, and have just generally been extremely tough on them and they keep coming back for more like Mick Foley.
  • Good for taking calls. No one seemed to have an issue hearing me loud and clear. So much better than talking into the phone.
  • Hard hitting bass. Love the fact that it doesn’t feel bloated or cheap. It simply does the job and sounds tight and clean. Definitely for bass heads.


  • Every once in awhile they will randomly cut out, prompting me to have to reboot my phone. Not a huge deal but something to keep in mind.
  • I’ve noticed now after a couple years the padding is starting to flake. Also the pad has started to come loose from it’s position. Fortunately the pads are replaceable.

My Video Review

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Amp/DAC requirements


Who these headphones benefit?

  • Perfect for the gym. They stay on your head and don’t move.
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Blues

Thoughts from Stu’s notepad

  • To turn them off, hold the circular button until you hear it power down. You will know the sound. The same goes for powering it up.
  • Sometimes when powering up and playing a song, it will skip and cut out for a few seconds while trying to sync. Not a huge deal but can be irritating at times depending on your mood. 😛
  • They do not fold and do not come with a carrying case.
  • Sound isolation is fairly decent. It does block the majority of sound out, but you will be able to hear a relatively loud sound or conversation.
  • Sometimes if you press the circular play pause button, some random thing will start playing from your music library. The play/pause/scroll doesn’t really work with Youtube, but does work well with Soundcloud and Deezer.
  • In the summer I had longer hair and the ear-cups did get rather sweaty in the gym. When I cut my hair I didn’t really have a problem with them, even though I still expected them to get wet because the intensity level was the same and it was still hot.
  • To scroll through songs, hold down the plus or minus button. WOOP WOOP!!


Convenient, portable, durable, and easy to use. Good sound quality. Will cut out from time to time. Good range and battery life.

Final Word

If you need a portable solution to use with your phone, I would highly recommend them. No the sound isn’t perfect, but by golly it’s good enough for what you’re getting. Why do people expect audiophile quality out of a cheap bluetooth set? These were made for the gym. And then do a heck of a job. You’re darned tootin’!


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Skull Candy Uproar Wireless


Sound Quality




Build Quality


Ease of Use





  • Perfect for the Gym; Convenient
  • Surprisingly Good Soundstage
  • Comfortable
  • Great range and Battery Life
  • Extremely Durable


  • Cuts out randomly on occasion
  • Pads flake out and come undone over time
  • Treble is pretty sibilant

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