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by Stuart Charles Black

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Perhaps you already have a work-horse CPU. Maybe you don’t. Chances are you have something adequate enough, and that’s fine. There are a few things to consider when you are looking into computers:

  • \RAM\

RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”, and it functions as the short-term memory of your beast. It dictates how much she can handle at one time, (that’s what she said), (i.e. windows open, programs running, etc.) Think of it like your own brain. If you have ADD like me, your RAM is low and nothing ever gets done 😛 LOL. Generally I would say make sure this # is as high as possible (8 GB is ideal). My setup right now is running on 4 GB, and while it’s not roadrunner status, it will work until I upgrade. This stuff is so cheap nowadays, so make sure you have enough.

  • \Hard Drive\

Speaking of enough, you can never have enough space on your computer for stuff and things. I have 1 TB (1000 GB) of hard drive space on mine right now, and never has it felt so good. No longer am I worried about overloading my poor little laptop. I can have as much nonsense as I want! Even with this much room, you will find yourself doing what I like to call “Skimming the fat”. I’m constantly deleting stuff, disk cleaning, and getting rid of excess to ensure my little buddy is always running at peak performance.

  • \Processing Speed\

For clarity’s sake, I have an Intel Core i5 running at 2.40GHz. My processor on a scale of 1 – 7.9 is a 6.8. It gets the job done. My RAM rating at 4GB is only a 5.9. Clearly I need to upgrade that and my laptop would probably run a lot smoother.

The point? make sure your processing speed and your RAM capabilities both match. You don’t have to go crazy here, but don’t skimp either.

  • \Monitors & Video Cards\

I’m going to be honest, my 24″ monitor that you see in the picture was $10 at the thrift store. You really can’t beat that price, and you get what you pay for. The resolution is about what you would expect, but I really can’t complain.

  •  \Operating System\

At the end of the day, go with what you are most comfortable with. I have been using Windows since I was born man (imagine Cheech Marin just said that). I have experience with Mac and enjoy using them, but I choose to continue being on Team PC. Maybe it’s tradition, familiarity, ease of use, or some other sub conscious reason. Maybe it’s because I can vividly remember my first expereince with computers and Windows 3.1. The proof is right here:


The old nostalgia box

That is my dads old IBM PS/1, (model 2155) running on MS-DOS/Windows 3.1, with an Intel 80486SX processor @ 25 MHz, and a memory of 6 MB. Still to this day it can be found in my grandmothers guest bedroom in Smithtown, Long Island.

I played Wolfenstein 3D on that! You know, the first ever 1st person shooter? Good times. Endless fun could be had playing games like Duke Nukem, Crystal Caves, Wheel of Fortune, Wolfenstein, and a whole slew of other favorites that I can’t even think of right now.

Remember floppy disks? No? Well this thing used them. Wow I feel old. I’m gonna stop reminiscing now. 🙁

Onwards my nostalgic brothers and sisters…

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