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by Stuart Charles Black

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This page is dedicated to all the amazing people/companies I am currently working with. Thank you for your continued support of the blog and channel!


EKSA came to me with a request to review their Bluetooth H1 model. Jane, one of their reps, was very cordial and professional throughout the process, and even wrote up a little testimonial about her experience with me upon completion:

“Home Studio Basics tested our headsets with his profession and experience. Also, Stu completed the work very fast and he always had efficient communication with me; he gave us unbiased feedback and suggestion which led us to go with further improvements. Really pleasant collaboration! I highly recommend this website if someone wants to get some purchase guidance or find someone to test your products.”



Supsoo is definitely a company to keep an eye on as they make very solid products and seem to be open to constructive feedback. Ginny, their PR manager, has been a real treat to work with as well.

“Stuart always gets back to me as quickly as possible and is very conscientious about the problems we have with our headphones, which I appreciate. Home Studio Basics gives a very comprehensive review and anyone can find what you’re looking for on this site, whether it’s in the category of audio equipment, price, or type of music. It was such a great time to work with Stuart.“

-Ginny, PR Manager

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Don't forget to share if you found it helpful!