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This page is dedicated to all the amazing people/companies I am currently working with. Thank you for your continued support of the blog and channel!

JDS Labs

John is one of the best dudes I’ve ever worked with, and just as he states, it’s no-nonsense between the 2 of us.


The HiFi market is full of nonsense, propaganda, and bizarre audiophile-speak with terms like, “PRAT”. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Stu for years, as we share a common mission of communicating honestly. No silly pretension. Stu takes the time to listen and understand products and brands, and then thoughtfully surprises everyone with his fresh and entertaining style.

-John Seaber, founder JDS Labs

iFi Audio

I have been demoing iFi products since 2018. Lawrance is super easy to work with and very forgiving of my sometimes brashness when it comes to being honest about gear. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with me:

We have worked with Home Studio Basics for a number of years now and they have tested a multitude of our products, from USB accessories to flagship level desktop units. Stu is communicative and efficient with his work. At the end of the day, Stu provides his insight in a constructive and respectful manner, regardless of whether he ultimately views a product favorably or not.

-Lawrance, iFi Audio


EKSA came to me with a request to review their Bluetooth H1 model. Jane, one of their reps, was very cordial and professional throughout the process, and even wrote up a little testimonial about her experience with me upon completion:

Home Studio Basics tested our headsets with his profession and experience. Also, Stu completed the work very fast and he always had efficient communication with me; he gave us unbiased feedback and suggestion which led us to go with further improvements. Really pleasant collaboration! I highly recommend this website if someone wants to get some purchase guidance or find someone to test your products.

-Jane, EKSA


Supsoo is definitely a company to keep an eye on as they make very solid products and seem to be open to constructive feedback. Ginny, their PR manager, has been a real treat to work with as well.

Stu always gets back to me as quickly as possible and is very conscientious about the problems we have with our headphones, which I appreciate. Home Studio Basics gives a very comprehensive review and anyone can find what you’re looking for on this site, whether it’s in the category of audio equipment, price, or type of music. It was such a great time to work with Stu.

-Ginny, PR Manager at Supsoo

Fosi Audio

Jerry at Fosi Audio reached out about reviewing their K5 Pro Gaming Amp/DAC, and while the first unit had some issues, he was kind enough to send out another one.

He and the team are also very receptive to constructive criticism which I greatly appreciated.

He’s also very easy to work with and genuinely cordial in his communications!

It was rather thrilling that Stu showed interest and enthusiasm when we reached out to him. Throughout our collaboration, Stu played an integral role in showcasing the unique attributes and capabilities of our amplifier. His candid reviews, insightful demonstrations, and engaging content have not only informed our customers but also kindled the passion for superior audio experiences in countless enthusiasts.

From our communication and the final review, he listed both the advantages and disadvantages of our product. Not only did he give us confidence, but also offered inspiration for future product improvements, which would be very helpful for us to do better and provide quality products for our users.

We reflect on this incredible journey, we remain deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Stu. We believe his dedication, authenticity, and the connections he has fostered with their followers have had a profound impact on our brand and the broader audio community.

-Jerry, Fosi Audio


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