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I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from people asking for recommendations. It really makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping you guys in making the best decisions possible in regards to studio equipment. Being a fan/owner of gear myself, and having a studio, I can identify with a lot of the problems you all face. I go through the same decision making processes!

A Pleasant Exchange?

That said, please don’t hesitate to write a testimonial if your experience and email exchange was helpful, informative, friendly, or a combination of all. It helps the site out a lot and keeps things relevant and trustworthy. I want this to be THE hub for knowledge on all things studio, so if you feel compelled after we get through talking, simply type up a quick blurb about your visit and email it to me! It doesn’t have to be long.


Universe Man Music (YouTube commenter)

“I just received my mdr-v6 in the mail. They are so much better than my wireless Sony headphones that cost the same… lol. Thank you for helping me with the purchase!”

Jonathan Finkle

“I really enjoy your evaluations and think they are the best on the internet!”

Keith Aldrige

“Thank you so much for your extremely in-depth reviews. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. It was a Godsend for you to answer all the questions anyone would have. You do have a way of breaking down tech speak so we Gronks can understand in common language. Your insight is so valuable. Thank you.”

Maximilano Rhymes

“They arrived today (the m40x), epic f*****g headphones I cannot believe this magic. This power. I mean, it’s neutral in all aspects! Thank you so much and congratulations from Mexico. Maybe I don’t speak English very well but I can understand and write too. You’re the God of the reviews without an inclination in your own taste of the product. Thank you so much Stuart.”

Kyle Chan

“Hey Stu,

Just wanted to let you know that I held off on buying a pair of cans until I was able to afford the Sennheiser HD600. Best audio purchase IMO. Thanks for writing all those great articles on your site; I wouldn’t have thought of saving for the HD600s without them.”


Felipe Donadon

“Hey man, just wanted to say that I found your site a couple of days ago while looking for some mic comparisons for the AT2020. I’m a rookie at this studio stuff, and barely beginning (still buying the hardware part, lol), but man… I gave up searching on google when I discovered your site, ’cause honestly, I haven’t found a place with more resources and info into this stuff than your site. You rock man. Your site rocks. Please, for the sake of newbs like me just starting out, keep up the hard work, ’cause it sure as hell has helped me a LOT, and will probably help me even more when I get into the ‘real’ stuff.

Glad to see that there’s people around sharing their experiences and knowledge for the ‘greater good’ of strangers which they may never know. (Crazy, huh?) Oh, that’s the beauty of the internet, for sure!

Thanks again buddy! See ya!”

William Knight

“Home Studio Basics provided an excellent recommendation for my audio setup. It was the first website I found to provide exactly what I needed. More importantly, I contacted Stu and he went out of his way to make sure I purchased the best setup specific for my needs. Excellent experience! I highly recommend Stu and Home Studio Basics.”

Bloom Audio

“Xtr@Ba$eHitZ has been great to work with, quick and to the point, his music was enjoyable to master as well, it was a niche that was right up my alley. I was particularly impressed with “Tried my best” when I was mastering it, because I had heard a down-tempo song before using that sample, but Xtr@Ba$eHitZ managed to flip it into a much more rappable dilla-esque type of beat.”


“Stu and I started working with each-other about 2 months ago, I found him out through comments on tracks, and I heard the amazing motivational sound he had, it hit my sweet spot just right. We then came in contact through mail, and i found out not only was his music inspiring but he was down right just a chill dude to work with. We have currently collaborated on a track, and are in the process of another. The first track went very smoothly, he gave me feedback, and stayed in contact. I advise to give StuPickles [Xtr@Ba$eHitZ] a listen, and if you’re interested in his music, I say just talk to him ! Solid Guy! Solid music!”

Sixth Echelon

“Working with [Xtr@Ba$eHitZ](Stu) was a great experience for me. Our collab in my opinion is one of my personal favorite collabs I have done. Most collabs I have done with other producers have been a bit unorganized with delay in the process. Working with [Xtr@Ba$eHitZ](Stu) was a care free experience with what we were given. I believe we produced a sublime collab that sounds really dope for a non face to face collab. I wish nothing but the best for [Xtr@Ba$eHitZ](Stu) in the future with his music and artwork. I really hope to collab with [Xtr@Ba$eHitZ] (Stu) again in the near future.


Jay C

“My journey as an artist has come a long way and I think Stu can say the same for himself. Collaborating with him is always a fresh feeling because you truly get that soulful vibe and that’s what I appreciate the most about it. Its an honor to have met you and to have made the tracks we made. Keep pushing man because you know I’ll be doing the same.”


“Stu & I had been following each other on soundcloud for a lil while, then one day he hit me up with a sample he thought would fit well with my style & upon hearing it, my mind was pulled 10 different ways with ideas. After about 2 days of messing around with it I sent him what I had, unsure of how he’d feel about the off-kilter flow I put on it. He said he loved it & made me feel a bit more secure about my experimentation so we dropped it the next day & overall I’d say it was received pretty well. Connection made & creation accomplished. Good deal.”

I hope to hear from you soon too!!

All the best and God bless,





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