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This is something new I thought about. In addition to Gaming/PC and movies type stuff, this page will be mostly be philosophical/nostalgic ramblings, as well as my interests, hobbies, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you have any ideas or requests!

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PC/Laptop Reviews

  • Lenovo T510 Review (Owned & Sold) (Coming Soon!)
  • Lenovo Think Pad X1 Extreme Review (Own) (Coming Soon!)

Thematic Film Series: My Top 5 Favorite Films Of All Time (Coming Soon!)

  1. Hope, Faith, Perseverance, and Friendship – (Movie #1)
  2. Fate, Chance, and the Existentialism of Life – (Movie #2)
  3. Memory & Meaning – (Movie #3)
  4. Purpose, Sacrifice, and Predestination – (Movie #4)
  5. Truth, Power, and Deception – (Movie #5)

Can you guess all or some of what these are? Let me know!

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