The Best Gaming Setup For Beginners [Gaming Setup Ideas!]

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  • 10/12/20. Article posted.

Looking to find the best gaming set up as a beginner audio enthusiast? Need some gaming setup ideas? Don’t know quite where to begin?

Well breathe a sigh of relief because..

I’m here to help!

By the end of this video, you should have a great idea of some fantastic set ups that you can get started with right away, and we’ll also compare a couple of popular mic options in case you feel like screaming obscenities at people when you inevitably die and get mad!

Greetings mate, and Welcome aboard.. Stuart Charles here, helping YOU make sound decisions leading to a beautiful audio experience, that will make you fall in love with music, all over again soo.. don’t want to read?!

Video Discussion

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Let’s talk about the best gaming set up for beginners shall we?!

This is quite a loaded topic, but let’s dive in. All of these set ups can be used with a console or your PC, so don’t freak out! Also check my top 5 best headphones under $100 for gaming if you need some additional guidance on how to choose.

What you will need:

Set Up #1

Philips SHP9500 vs. 9600

  • Philips SHP9500 (roughly $75)
  • Creative SoundBlasterX G3 or G6 (roughly $50 – $150)
  • V-Moda Boom Pro or Mod Mic (roughly $30-50)

Total: Roughly $255 – $275

Keep in mind: You don’t necessarily need a G6, G3 or a Mic. I started out by simply plugging my 9500 into the PS4 controller and was perfectly satisfied for awhile. This also applies to PC gaming. You don’t need an Amp/DAC with the 9500 because of it’s high sensitivity and low impedance. It’s a very efficient headphone on it’s own, but you will probably want some sort of Amp/DAC in the future because, well, who doesn’t like venturing down the audiophile rabbit hole?

Speaking of, let’s talk about the set up in question.

The 9500 + G6 + Boom Pro is the perfect overall setup for the long term, for most people. The 9500 is a well built, comfortable headphone providing a crisp, open sound with fantastic width and depth to the image, and an excellent Soundstage for such a cheap model.

You can also go with the cheaper G3, but my recommendation is to bypass that and go for the gusto. I did demo the G3 and liked it, but it’s just not quite as premium feeling or sounding as the G6. You’ll kind of know why it’s cheap once you really put it through it’s paces. That’s just like, my opinion though. XD

If you are interested in the G3, do check out my first impressions vid here:

Creative G3 Unbox & First Impressions

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Anyways, as far as the G6 goes..

Just replace the detachable stock cable with the Boom Pro and you’re ready to go! The Boom Pro comes
with a 3.5mm female to dual male. Plug one end into the left side of the G6 for your audio, and the other into the mic jack on the right side. Remember: They are NOT interchangeable, so just make sure they’re in the correct positions or you won’t hear anything.

There are indicators on both jacks informing you which is which, so don’t fret! After you plug them in, adjust your audio first, then press and hold the volume pot to enter mic mode (which is red), making sure that it’s volume is also high enough for playback and recording purposes.

Creative SoundBlasterX G6
Gamer’s heaven.
The G6 is a fantastic all around Amp/DAC for the gamer in YOU

This can be a little tricky at first because the G6’s knob turns infinitely. Still, it’s fairly straight forward and you should only have to tweak it maybe once or twice to get your voice recording loud enough. With the mod mic it’s especially important to make sure the volume is turned up. You can also adjust the settings inside your console’s dashboard as well.

Now you’re ready to slay some baddies! The Boom Pro sounds amazing for it’s price, and provides astonishing clarity and cleanliness for such a cheap product. I was simply flabbergasted at how good it sounded. The Mod Mic is also a great option, but I found the quality of the sound to be better out of the Boom Pro.

Boom Pro vs. Mod Mic

What’s great about the Boom Pro is that it does sound better and is easier to hook up to any headphone with a 3.5mm detachable cable. The downside is that not every headphone provides this.

What’s great about the Mod Mic is that it can be used with ANY headphone because it doesn’t rely on a 3.5mm jack to function. It also has a better overall package and there’s more value present.

The downside is that it’s a bit more cumbersome to set up, and doesn’t quite sound as good as a Boom Pro, but I’ll let YOU Be the judge (the video at the start shows the sound differences in game)!

Set Up #2 (Upgrade)


  • Creative SoundBlasterX G6
  • V-Moda Boom Pro or Mod Mic

If you would like an upgrade, just swap out the 9500 for something like a HIFIMAN DEVA, or anything with a detachable 3.5mm jack suitable for gaming! I was personally using the DEVA in the above demo, and really love the sound. It’s a Bluetooth headphone that comes with the Bluemini for pairing, which also doubles as the Amp/DAC that can be used with a wire plus it’s perfect for gaming! What more could you ask for?!

The DEVA, coupled with a Boom Pro and Creative SoundBlasterX G6 is perhaps the most complete overall package in audio!

Why? Glad you asked.

Creative SoundBlasterX G6 Amp/DAC Review

The G6 can be used for Gaming and Film, but it also works phenomenally well on your desktop through Spotify, Tidal, or whatever you use to listen to music.

What’s more, simply download the SoundBlaster Connect App and you’ve got an highly customizable, built in EQ profile just in case you want to go all Metal571 with your headphones. It’s truly one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I’ve ever used.

I game with it, I watch movies with it, I listen to music with it, I can EQ with it, it’s got a gain switch and
an incredible amount of power, it’s easy to transport between my living room and studio, it’s got Scout Mode which really opens up the Soundstage and directional cues for competitive gaming, and it just sounds fantastic! Out of the 9+ Amp/DACS that I currently have on my desk at the time of this writing, the G6 most certainly gets the most use. What is Soundstage? [Detailed Explanation]

Check out my Creative SoundBlasterX G6 full review if you’re not convinced of how bad a** this thing is.

Set Up #3

All of the above applies here as well, except you will need an adapter for the Boom Pro should you decide on the K702. Simply unplug the stock cable, plug the adapter into the K702, then plug the boom mic into the adapter.

With the Ant Lion Mod Mic, again, you will not need an adapter. With the K612, you must use a Mod Mic as the cable is NOT detachable. I included this option because out of all the headphones I’ve used for gaming and film, I keep going back to the K612 time and again because of how incredibly natural and open it sounds.

Check the link below for the K702 adapter, as well as all links to these products and articles should you decide to purchase. I do get a kickback from these links depending on where you live, so your continued support of the blog and channel is much appreciated!

Ant Lion Audio Mod Mic Uni vs. V-Moda Boom Pro

My Gaming headphone recommendation:






Interested in the 9600 from Philips?


Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion on the Best Gaming Setup For Beginners, and are better equipped to make a purchasing decision!

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Which of these options sounds best to YOU? I would love to hear your thoughts. Until next time..

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