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Current # Demoed: 36. Current # Own: 6.

  • Own: DragonFly Red, FiiO K3, FiiO E10K, FiiO K5 Pro, iFi hip-dac, FiiO BTR3K.
  • Demoing: Creative SoundBlasterX G6, iFi Zen Amp/DAC, iFi Zen CAN Signature (Amp + DAC), FiiO BTR3K, SoundBlaster G3.

Contact me if you would like to send something for demo. I’m always looking to test new products out! Just use the form “All other Inquiries & Questions” ?


  1. Audioengine D1 Review (Demoed)


  1. Audioquest DragonFly Red Review (Own)
  2. AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt Review (+ Comparison to Red, Chord Mojo, and DACport HD)


  1. Audeze Deckard Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)


  • Bottlehead Crack Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)



  1. Bryston BHA-1 Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)

Cambridge Audio

  1. Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)


  1. CEntrance DACport HD Review (Demoed)


  1. Chord Mojo DAC Review (Demoed)
  2. Chord Hugo 2 Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)
  3. Chord Poly Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)


  1. Creative SoundBlasterX G6 Amp/DAC Review (Demoed)
  2. Creative SoundBlaster G3 (Coming Soon!) (Demoing)


  1. FiiO Q1 Mark II Review (Owned & Sold)
  2. FiiO E10K Review (Own)
  3. FiiO A3 Review + Shootout with E10K & Q1 (A3 Owned & Sold)
  4. FiiO K3 Amp/DAC Review + E10K Comparison (Own Both)
  5. FiiO K5 Pro Review + K3 Comparison (Own Both)
  6. FiiO BTR3K (Coming Soon!)


  1. iFi micro iDSD Black Label Review (Demoed)
  2. iFi xDSD Review (Demoed)
  3. iFi xCAN Review + Shootout (Mojo & xDSD) (Demoed)
  4. iFi Zen DAC/Amp Review (Demoed)
  5. iFi Zen Blue Review (Demoed)
  6. iFi hip-dac Review (Own)

JDS Labs

  1. JDS Labs cMoyBB Review (Demoed)
  2. JDS Labs Objective 2 Headphone Amp Review (Demoed)
  3. JDS Labs Element Review (Demoed)
  4. JDS Labs ATOM Review + Objective 2 Comparison (Demoed)


  1. Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)


  1. M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB Audio Interface (Owned & Sold)


  1. NAIM DAC V-1 Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)


  1. Oppo HA-2 Review (Owned & Sold)


  1. Schiit Magni 2 Review (Owned & Sold)
  2. Schiit Fulla Review (Coming Soon!)
  3. Schiit Magni 3 Review (Coming Soon!)


  1. Sony TA-ZH1ES Review (Coming Soon!) (Demoed)



  • FiiO M3 Pro (Coming Soon!)

Amp/DAC Comparisons

& Shootouts

  1. Magni 2 vs. Magni 2 Uber
  2. Audioquest Dragonfly Black vs. Red
  3. Chord Mojo vs. Hugo 2
  4. JDS Labs Element vs. Objective 2
  5. FiiO K3 vs. E10K
  6. FiiO K3 vs. K5 Pro Review & Comparison
  7. Topping NX4 vs. FiiO Q1 MK II
  8. iFi Zen Amp/DAC vs. Zen CAN Signature


  1. AudioQuest DragonFly Red vs. Cobalt vs. Mojo vs. DACport HD
  2. Audioengine D1 vs. FiiO E10K vs. DragonFly Red
  3. Audioquest Dragonfly Red vs. Chord Mojo vs. Oppo HA-2
  4. FiiO Q1 vs. DragonFly Red vs. Audioengine D1
  5. FiiO Q1 vs. E10K vs. DragonFly Red
  6. iFi xDSD vs. xCAN vs. Chord Mojo
  7. iFi Zen vs. FiiO K5 Pro vs. JDS ATOM vs. Bravo Ocean

Audio Interface Comparisons

  1. Audient id14 vs. id22
  2. Komplete Audio 6 vs. Scarlett 2i4
  3. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 vs. 2i4 (Coming Soon!)



  1. The Best Budget Audio Interface
  2. The Best Audio Interface for Home Recording



Older (Probably needs updating)

  1. The Best Budget Headphone Amplifier
  2. The Best Headphone Amp Under $100
  3. The Best Headphone Amp For The Money



For Headphones

  1. The Best Headphone Amp for the Sennheiser HD 600 & 650
  2. The Best Headphone Amp For The Sennheiser HD 800
  3. The Best Headphone Amp for the AKG K701 & K702

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