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Supsoo B130 Review – Wireless Gaming Paradise?

by Stuart Charles Black
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Big thank you to Supsoo for sending the B130 to review!

Full disclosure: This is a paid review but I made it clear to them that I do not guarantee positive reviews or recommendations – I make in-depth, honest evaluations based on my impressions and the ultimate value that the product may or may not provide. 

Greetings mate and Welcome aboard! Stuart Charles here, HomeStudioBasics.com helping YOU make sound decisions leading to a beautiful audio experience that will make you fall in love with music (NOT gear) all over again, so…

Supsoo B130

Price: Check Amazon! | Check Supsoo!

In The Box

1x Headset

1x Detachable Microphone

1x Transmitter

1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

1x USB-C Charging Cable

1x User Manual

Supsoo B130 Review


  • Color: Black
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth Range: Up to 32 ft. (10m)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Efficiency: 112±3dB
  • Speaker Size: 40mm
  • Radio Type: Omnidirectional microphone
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mA
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Max Play Time: 30 Hours
  • Dimensions (Microphone): 120mm
  • Dimensions (Headphones): 194.7*171*78.7mm
  • Weight: 280g.

Last time we discussed Supsoo’s B131, a good but ultimately flawed headphone.

Has anything changed with regard to their B130 Gaming headset?

Let’s dive in and find out.


Supsoo B130 Review

The build quality here is exactly the same, meaning it’s excellent. The only difference is that these are all black vs. the Beige present on the B131.

You will absolutely love how these feel in your hands, and the rugged but still malleable presentation really puts your mind at ease with regard to how they’ll fare over time.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about them breaking down since the numbered headband adjustments contain metal, and the overall matte black stature not only feels great to the touch but also seems very robust while not looking or feeling overly bulky.

Supsoo B130 Review

The B130 is also very compact and folds up nicely – the cups rotate inward 90 degrees and outward around 45, which is plenty good enough to get a nice fit on your fat noggin.

Supsoo dons their text logo on the outside of the right cup and the main logo on the left cup.

Another cool added feature is that both of these logos light up and look really cool in the dark, but you may or may not care about that. I thought it was a nice touch and adds to the premium, luxurious feel.

The top of the headband also contains a text logo that looks to be engraved, but I will caution you that the material on both the cups and headband, while feeling rather soft and plush, may end up cracking and peeling over time during extended use.

Rounding out the build is “R” and “L” in big block letters on the inside of the cups, another neat benefit that allows you to quickly decipher which side is which before gaming or listening to music.

Supsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 Review


The B130 resumes right where the 131 left off, meaning comfort here is phenomenal for the most part and you’ll almost never feel these digging. They don’t clamp too hard either.

The padding has a lot to do with this, as they’ll almost never feel very intrusive and I haven’t had any issues gaming with them thus far.

The cup size is just large enough for my ears to fit, but your mileage may vary. I do have semi-large auricles, but you may be SOL if you have ears the size of an elephant’s.

Oh my God look at the size of those things!


The control scheme here is exactly the same as it was with the B131, which is one of the headphones’ best assets.

Buttons are placed very nicely and even though I can’t see what I’m doing while they’re on my head, I intuitively know what’s what.

The buttons also have pretty good click feedback and feel good to press.

Back Left

Supsoo B130 Review

Supsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 ReviewOn the back left (top) you’ve got the power button. Just press and hold to turn it on. You’ll be greeted by a nice Asian lady who says “Power On.” When turning it off, she’ll say “Power Off.”

During this stage, the colors above the power button will cycle blue/red.

To pair, just go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings, hit Search, and wait. The unit should appear as SUPSOO B131.

Press it and the same lady’s voice will say “Connected” and the color will turn blue.

Now you’re ready for Juego de Azar! (Gaming lol).

Below the power button is your mic button which acts as a mute/unmute.

Below that, there’s a 3.5mm jack for wired use and the microphone jack that you’ll use to plug in the supplied mic.

Make sure you line up the slot for the mic before plugging in or it won’t turn on. This may seem obvious, but it’s very subtle in that it may feel like it went in correctly when in actuality it didn’t.

When it’s been inserted right, the mic will light up white.

Back Right

Supsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 Review

The back right side contains your Multifunction button and the volume buttons.

The Multifunction (which was an ANC button last time) basically acts as a Play/Pause with a short press, and cycles between light modes with a long (3-second) press.

The first light mode is just a solid white, the second pulsates, and hold a third time to turn the light completely off.

Below the Multifunction button, you’ll find the volume controls which are very well placed.

Upon reaching back there, I immediately know where they are and the location is excellent.

Rounding out the back is a USB-C jack that you’ll use to charge the headphones once the battery dies. Speaking of, how’s the battery life?

Battery Life/Charge Time/Range

All three are more or less the same as last time, but you won’t really need to worry about range as much since these will mostly be staying in one or 2 places: either in front of your TV or computer monitors depending on where you play games.

I do think the range is slightly worse though, as moving from my living room to my desk area with the Playstation still on and the B130 on my head results in some faint crackling which doesn’t manifest with the B130.

In fact, I can walk 50+ feet away with the B131 and not have any issues.

Battery Life on the B131 was a semi-major concern, and it’s not much different here as you’ll have to recharge fairly frequently.

To prevent any headaches, I’d go ahead and just charge them after every gaming session to prevent any frustration later on when you’re in the heat of destroying noobs or can’t even game at all because you have to juice up first like Arnold in his prime.


I will go ahead and tell you upfront that the B130 suffers from the same issues as the 131: namely a too forward mid-bass around 100-200 Hz.

That said, I’m a little more forgiving this time around because I’m not in any way shape or form using these for music.

In fact, they actually work better for gaming, TV, and film because of the forward bass, as explosions and the like will sound super exciting and immersive.

They’re pretty open and detailed as well, especially for closed-back Bluetooth headphones.

In analyzing the Sopranos intro, not only did I notice more going on left to right in the song, but you can also clearly hear the track was remastered later in the series.

In other words, the low end was much too forward in the Pilot episode (making everything sound muddy through headphones) but in later seasons they improved the bass bleed tremendously and the B130 really highlights this change well.

The B130 also highlights some subtle details in the song I was previously unaware of. Dope.

Supsoo B130 Review

Supsoo B130 ReviewOne thing that you’ll absolutely fall in love with is their ease of use and overall convenience factor.

There are no wires, no hassle, nothing. I simply plug in the transmitter (pictured above) to my PS4, turn on the headphones, and I’m ready to go.

Just adjust the volume of the headphones and mic in your settings panel accordingly.

This transmitter also works with pretty much anything that has a USB slot: your laptop, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, or TV with a USB audio output function.

It may sound silly, but what sells me most on these is that my lazy ass can get up from my couch and walk to the fridge without worrying about a wire.

This is huge for me as the inconvenience of taking the headphones off is actually incredibly irritating.

Yeah, I’m a lazy SOB, what can I say? xD

No really, instead of fiddling with wired headphones, I can get up and make a snack with the cans still on my head and stuff my face in the kitchen if I want to!

Mic Quality

Unfortunately, Mic Quality is one aspect of these that’s sorely lacking.

I will provide a demo below, but I was pretty disappointed, especially when comparing the B130 to a few of ESKA’s (much better) offerings including the E900, E1000, and E5000.

I don’t think, I absolutely know Supsoo needs to improve in this area moving forward and I really hope they take my criticism to heart.

Consider for a moment that the E900 and E1000 are both $30 headsets.

Listen to how much better the quality sounds from those mics in comparison to the B130’s mic:

Now think about the fact that the E5000 is only around $80 and sounds light years better overall in terms of its mic quality.

That said, will people on the other end really care?

Probably not. With as much experience as I’ve had playing competitively, as long as you can be heard semi-clearly, it probably doesn’t matter much.

Even so, I’d still like Supsoo to improve this given the price of these headphones.

Even despite my complaints, what I did find impressive about the mic is how nice it feels in your hands. It’s malleable, robust, and doesn’t feel cheap at all. So that’s definitely something for the fine folks at Supsoo to build on.


Being that these are Bluetooth headphones I wouldn’t bother investing in anything, but I suppose they could work wired out of something like a FiiO E10K or K3.

Even so, it’s not really necessary especially given those have a bass boost and gain switch which isn’t needed here for obvious reasons.

In other words, these are highly efficient with a low impedance so a DAC is really just a waste of money at the end of the day.

Before we wrap this up, let’s take a look at what I liked and didn’t like.

What I liked

  • Convenience and Ease of Use. No more wires, no more hassle. Get up and pee with the headphones still on your head. Make a snack and stuff your face while you’re gaming in your underoos. Take a dump. Water your plants. The possibilities are endless!
  • Build and aesthetic. These are utilitarian but still classy-looking headphones. The light-up feature may sound gimmicky, but it’s done in a tasteful manner here and looks really cool without waxing overly flamboyant. The issue with the B131 (where the cup meets the pad) also seems to have been rectified here which is excellent.
  • Comfort. These will be just fine for extended gaming sessions and clamp just right, providing ample padding and an overall excellent fit on the majority of noggins.
  • On the go/Case. Portability is similarly great as they come with a nice hard shell case and a 3.5mm cable. They also fold up really well and the small, compact package is much appreciated.
  • The functionality/button layout is tremendous. This may not seem like a big deal, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been annoyed by other Bluetooth headphones that placed buttons awkwardly and were a pain to use. The B130 is a wonderful breath of fresh air in this regard.

What can be improved

  • The mic quality is pretty bad and needs to be fixed asap as far as I’m concerned. Yes, you can hear my voice just fine, but it sounds pretty terrible, especially for the price you’re paying at around $174. Again, EKSA’s E900 and E1000 sound markedly better at just a shade over a Jackson.
  • Battery Life. This was perhaps the biggest letdown for me as the headphones only lasted a week before dying. With earbuds like HIFIMAN’s TWS600, I’m able to get at least a month or so without having to charge, and when you consider that the B131 turns off when not in use, it makes this issue all the more alarming. Again, I would turn the headphones off completely after gaming sessions to prolong the life between charges or charge after every use (recommended).
  • Instruction booklet. I complained about this last time (as it feels like trying to read a road map) but I understand that both the B130 and 131 are essentially Supsoo’s launch products. In other words, I won’t moan too much but I’d like to see a nice booklet moving forward given the price of these.


  • I’m a bit neutral on the sound here. On one hand, it will work better than it does for music, but on the other hand, the bass could still definitely be improved in future iterations. Just tone it down a bit! Still, there are aspects of the overall sound that I like but I’m not yet 100% sold and I think it can certainly be refined.

Final Verdict

Supsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 ReviewSupsoo B130 Review

I’m leaning towards a light recommendation here mostly based on convenience alone. There isn’t much to complain about aside from battery life and mic quality, but the fact that I don’t need a wire of any sort is a huge breath of fresh air for me personally.

Your mileage may vary here, but I definitely think the B130 from Supsoo is at least worth a look.



In looking back at this one, it should have easily been a 100-kill game. Some bad luck mixed with a run of bad play prevented the milestone. I have yet to get a 100-kill game on Nuketown in less than 15 minutes, but I’m going to keep trying. I got a 198 on hardened but scrapped it because it took 20 or so minutes. The problem with bots on Domination (specifically Nuketown) is that they never cap flags so the game sometimes drags on longer than it should. Bots were set to Veteran here (highest difficulty).

My aim was pretty bad here, but I got a few decent feeds. Bots are on Veteran.

I suppose this is a pretty standard game; some bad aim mixed in with some good. Bots are on Veteran.

Another decent game with some nice feeds. Bots are on Veteran.

This is a pretty standard game with a bit more camping and less rushing. Bots are on Veteran.

Well, that’s about it for today folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Supsoo B130 review and came away with some valuable insight.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

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Do YOU think these are worth the asking price? Do you have any experience with Bluetooth headphones? I’d love to hear from you. Until next time…

All the best and God bless,





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Supsoo B130








Mic Quality


Convenience/Ease Of Use



  • Convenience/Ease Of Use
  • Comfort is great
  • Build is excellent
  • Functionality/Button Layout is excellent


  • Mic quality needs improvement
  • Battery Life could be better
  • Instruction Booklet needs to not be a road map

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