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Stuart Charles Black


Stu has been dabbling in Home Recording, Beatmaking & Music Production since 2007. Over the years, his “Stu-dio” has undergone many different changes resulting from a lot of experimentation, failure, and success.

Here is his studio in different stages. Be on the lookout for a 2021 update, new PC, and more!

When he isn’t writing content or working on the site, you’ll find him making videos, working on a graphic design project, painting, or doing something artistic while listening to John Coltrane, Big Band, or an Indie Pop love song. 😛

Check out some of his work over at Painterly Stew!

Marlouzel Mabunga

Contributing Author

Marlouzel is a passionate writer and music enthusiast. She writes about culture, music, and the arts while listening to a variety of music – from 1920’s Jazz to current indie bands like Belle and Sebastian.

Mission Statement

Home Studio Basics believes wholeheartedly in:

  • Helping you make sound decisions according to your specific circumstance.
  • Providing excellent, in-depth content to you the reader!
  • Delivering the truth about the products, concepts, and topics in question.
  • Teaching and educating in a way that actually makes sense for people in all walks of life.

Sound Decisions

If you’re making a sound decision, it’s sensible, logical, effective, reliable, thorough, healthy, etc. It involves the use of good judgment. Our goal is to help you do this by eliminating confusion, circumventing the hype, and outlining why you should or shouldn’t buy a particular product. We want to enable you to make the best decision possible with regard to your unique situation.

Excellent Content

We strive to deliver the best content on the web and that’s no exaggeration. If you head over to the home page (towards the bottom), there are plenty of testimonials to back that up. In addition, we receive email, site comments, and YouTube comments all attesting to this as well.

People are constantly thanking us for the work we do, and it makes us feel good knowing that people are not only making good decisions, but they are fully and completely satisfied (even ecstatic) with our recommendations once they receive these products in the mail.

It’s a creed that we live by!

The Truth

The truth is something that we always want to expose, whether that be something like The Law of Diminishing Returns, an ever-important question such as What is Sensitivity in Headphones? (why it matters), and anything in between.

The truth about the products themselves is very important to us as buyers, as well as our readers who also may be looking to purchase something. We’re here to help you make an informed decision based on data rather than emotion. Stu’s experience with over 100 headphones and 40+ Amps and DACs also contributes to the expertise provided in his articles and recommendations.

That said, sometimes we get excited about stuff that’s good, and rightly so! For instance, the Chord Mojo is head and shoulders above the competition as far as dynamics, detail retrieval, instrument timbre, clarity, space, dimension, (insert adjective here). This is pretty much unanimous in the audiophile community at this point.

A great example is a comparison we did on the Chord Mojo vs. Hugo 2. Though the Hugo 2 is a great DAC, it’s not worth all the extra money due to the Law of Diminishing Returns mentioned above. The Mojo at a fraction of the price is more than enough for most people.

Teaching & Educating

One of the most important things that we adhere to and live by is explaining things to people in a way that makes sense. How often have you started researching something only to be even more confused than when you began?

Unfortunately, techies like to speak in jargon and while they may indeed be smart, that doesn’t help the average reader trying to find a simple and concise answer to their question.

We can’t promise that the content will always be short (Stu tends to get REALLY long-winded, lol), but it will most certainly be super informative and written in a way that’s practical and logical. I can promise you that! 🙂

Now a little bit about where I came from…

People call me many different things. I have been referred to as Stu, Stew, Stewie, Stewy, Stewey, Stuart, Stewart, Suart, Bluart Stack (Stuart Black), Stuie, Stuie Charlie Blackie, Stu Boo Charlie, Stubear, Studabega, Stu Pickles, Vegetable Stew, Beef Stew, Stu-bird, Stu-pot, Stuhoff, Stusker, Stu Ball, Stuart Little, Studebaker (Stu-da-baker….Stu, the baker, get it? LOL because I used to work in a bakery :P), Stu-pendous, Stu-perb, Stu-riffic, Stu-bert, Stu-lark, True Blue Stu, Stu-hurt, Brunswick Stu, Box-Stu, Stu-barticus, Stu-barticus Rex, Stu-bearto, Disco Stu, Stu-licious, Stumaster, Stupocalypse, Stuopolis, Stuell Angel (from A League of their Own), Sexy Stu, Stu-Man, Baby Stu, Stu Ferrigno (instead of Lou Ferrigno), Stuey Armstrong, and a ton of other stuff that I can’t even think of right now 🙂

Just imagine Bubba from Forrest Gump explaining to Forrest all the different types of recipes he can make with shrimp. Lmao.

A Beatmaker at Heart

A 33-year-old producer, I have been making beats on and off for around 13 years. (Life gets in the way sometimes). I messed around with Reason for a while and noodled with different equipment (some unnecessary) before I discovered my true passion in 2009: The art of sampling. I still have the first beat that came from a sample, and will never forget it. A song called “On Sunday” by New Buffalo. Music has always had a way of digging itself into my soul, and this song was no exception.

I remember being so excited about the beat I made. I showed it to a co-worker at the time, and he instantly fell in love with it. It made me feel amazing to connect with someone musically and have them really be affected by the sound. I asked him if I should add a bass line and he said to me “Never ever change this beat, keep it the way it is”. To this day I have not altered it in any way.

People have compared some of my work to the likes of 9th Wonder and J Dilla, and that in itself is truly flattering. I appreciate comments like those because it does make me feel good. I’ve always made beats for the love of the craft, and at this point, I can truly say that without reservation given how long I’ve been doing it. I think something that you’d still do even if you made no money from it is an example of true passion.

Here’s an example of one of my more popular beats!

Nowadays, I am constantly digging through old vinyl, forever in search of amazing sounds, some of which get lost in .25c bins at my local thrift store. I have been told I have a good ear for music, and enjoy chopping samples as well as looping sounds and adding to them.

Building your own studio doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You can bypass many of the obstacles and failures that I endured by reading through this website. If you ever need feedback or support with anything, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or contact us. Also make sure to regularly check back here, as we’re always updating the site.

With that said, are you ready to find the perfect headphone?


All the best and God bless,



-Home Studio Basics


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