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Hey! I’m Stu. People call me many different things. I have been referred to as Stu,linkedin Stuart, Stuie, Stubear, Studabega, Stu Pickles, Vegetable Stew, Beef Stew, Stu-bird, Stu-pot, Stuhoff, Stusker, Stu Ball, Stuart Little, Studebaker (Stu-da-baker….Stu, the baker, get it? LOL because I used to work in a bakery :P), Stu-pendous, Stu-perb, Stu-riffic, Stu-bert, Stu-lark, True Blue Stu, Stu-hurt, Brunswick Stu, Box-Stu, Stu-barticus, Stu-barticus Rex, Stu-bearto, Disco Stu, Stu-licious, Stumaster, Stupocalypse, Stuopolis, Stu-master, and a ton of other stuff that I can’t even think of right now πŸ™‚

Just imagine Bubba from Forrest Gump explaining to Forrest all the different types of recipes he can make with shrimp. Lmao.

I have been dabbling in home recording, beatmaking & music production since 2007. Over the years, my “stu-dio” has undergone many different changes resulting from a lot of experimentation, failure, and success.

My goal for you!

I made this website to share some knowledge that I have accrued, in hopes that it will make the process of building your own studio that much easier. As a poor person penny pincher (lol 4 P’s), I go to extreme lengths to research as much as possible about a product before I buy it. I know how stressful it can be to sift through page after page of jargon and reviews to find that perfect product that is worthy of your hard earned dollar. That’s why I am here. πŸ™‚

My blog

When I blog, my goal is to deliver as much in depth information about the product(s) as possible. I strive to compile as much as I can from other reviewers and websites, and condense it all down into something that is thought provoking, entertaining, as well as insightful. Quality content is my #1 main concern. My mission here is to make this your last stop before deciding if something is worth buying or not. I want to help you make the best decision possible! While I do own many of these products, I would like to remain unbiased in my writing. In reviews, it is important to put it all out there, good or bad. That’s where I come in. I have a passion for this stuff so..

Don’t be afraid to Contact me. Beat making, music production, headphones, music equipment, and art in general are things that I love to talk about and have always been a part of my life. I would love to hear from you in any capacity!

Now a little bit about where I came from…

A 30 year old producer, I have been making beats on and off for around 9-10 years. (Life gets in the way sometimes).Β  I messed around with Reason for a while, and noodled with different equipment (some unnecessary) before I discovered my true passion in 2009: The art of sampling. I still have the first beat that came from a sample, and will never forget it. A song called “On Sunday” by New Buffalo. Music has always had a way of digging itself into my soul, and this song was no exception.

I remember being so excited about the beat I made. I showed it to a co-worker at the time, and he instantly fell in love with it. It made me feel amazing to connect with someone musically, and have them really be affected by the sound. I asked him if I should add a bass line and he said to me “Never ever change this beat, keep it the way it is”. To this day I have not altered it in anyway. Listen to the beat here.

Nowadays, I am constantly digging through old vinyl, forever in search of amazing sounds, some of which get lost in .25c bins at my local thrift store. I have been told I have a good ear for music, and enjoy chopping samples as well as looping sounds and adding to them.

Building your own studio doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You can bypass many of the obstacles and failures that I endured by reading through this website. If you ever need feedback or support with anything, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or contact me. Also make sure to regularly check back here, as I am always updating the site.

Thank you for stopping by!

All the best and God bless,





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  1. Stu! I love the beat sample! You have a gift my friend:-) You’re pretty funny too…loved your bio! Best of luck to you!!

  2. Hi Stu,
    the links to FB, twitter, etc, are floating on the left side of the page. It obscures the view. Otherwise, a well thought out website.

    • Thanks I will have to see if it’s an isolated issue or broad. Try zooming out if you haven’t already on your comp. On my laptop it looks fine.. Appreciate the heads up though.

  3. Great Website STu-I’m saving it on my favorites list for WA Associates to reference in future-always wondered how to setup a home studio but soon I’d like to set up am Al-in-one karaoke and Dj system at home when I have more time and a little more money as a hobby and use your ideas and website to help me get setup.

    Great work-thanks for the information.

    • No problem Timothy! Look forward to hearing from you again!Thank you for stopping by.. Stay in touch and all the best..

  4. Very nice website Stu! Wish you much success! If my husband needs a replacement for his microphone I will know where to come for info. Thank you much! Good Job!

  5. Seen your video so I decided to check your site out. It’s cool keep on doing you WA fam!!! Listened to your beats 2 you’re doing good stay up.

  6. Great site, I love home recording and dabbling with audio software. Your articles are well written and presented, good work. I have bookmarked this site and shall call back again.


  7. Hi Stu, just wondering how COOL if I’m having my own studio in my house! I’ll be recording all my guitar playing! Cool mate!

  8. Hey Stu,

    I’ve finally made it to your Website, lol

    Man, I can’t describe how I love to see when someone is doing what he is destined to do! This is your thing, I can see it behind every word in each of your posts and pages! Seeing all those pictures of microphones and headphones made me feel like remembering all my music skills and knowledge and start to compose! Yeah, I have 9 classes of music school behind, btw. It’s a shame I’ve never touched a piano since I graduated and now I’m too busy doing other important life-stuff.

    I’ve listened to your first beat. LOVED it!!! It sounds so Silent Hill-y. Have you ever played any of those games? Sorry, can’t stop being a gamer, lol.

    OK, I’m now listening it for the third time and my wife has just told me it’s the new track we will be listening in our car πŸ™‚

    Anyways, great Website, keep it up! And I’m so glad we’ve met, albeit only on the Internet πŸ™‚

    • Wow man, really glad you stopped by!! Ahh man the memories I had playing Silent Hill with my cousin at my grandmothers house back in the day in the pitch black.. It really does make me nostalgic.. I love scary movies and games.. Do you have any recommendations ?

      So glad you liked my beat, it really does mean a lot.. I put my soul into this stuff πŸ™‚ As for this website.. I have been working my butt off on it, so the fact that you noticed really makes me feel good..

      Hope to stay in touch and talk more about games and stuff!


      • Hey, no problem, Stu, I really meant it and I know how does it feel when someone you barely know just tells you how he likes what you’re doing πŸ™‚

        Scary movies and games, hmm… I must admit, I don’t remember when was the last time I went to cinema or even watched a scary movie at home, so not sure if I’d recommend something of the latest. If you’d asked what were my favorites, I’d probably said David Lynch’s movies like “Lost Highway” and “Mulholland Drive”. I guess they’re not scary per se, but watching them can really cause a sense of inexplicable dread getting all over you. Lynch is just not from this world I think, lol.

        As for scary games, I’d totally recommend “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” – it is just brilliant, but don’t EVER play it in headphones as it will drive you insane. Also, I recently discovered the game “Lisa: The First”. It is a short game and it’s very NES-looking, but it completely breaks your mind. It is not a horror game, but the sounds from the game can really make you uneasy. There were moments, when I felt the urge to turn the lights in my room on – as quickly as possible. The game is free, btw.

        I probably don’t need to mention games like “Resident Evil”, as everyone knows them. Ah, you should also try “The Walking Dead” games – they’re about zombie apocalypse, but they are just brilliant because of their excellent writing and they’re kinda like interactive movies. Not too scary in terms of making you jump out of your chair, but they will make you feel horrible by showing you how monstrous can people become in times of crisis.

        Those are just a few recommendations that instantly came to my mind. When I remember anything else I’ll let you know.

        Sure, let’s stay in touch and feel free to contact me anytime – for any reason, really, be it games, music, or if you just feel like talking.

        • Hey man I meant to get to this comment and never did. My apologies! Thanks so much for the recommendations and well thought out reply..

          It’s an exciting time for gamers right now. I was going to splurge and get the ps4 with metal gear solid and fallout 4 (comes out in 2 days!) but I decided to hold off and try to get a good black friday deal.

          How’s your website going though? Play any new games? I’m itchin for another one of your reviews!

          Talk soon,

  9. Hi Stu,
    Great site and set up on here. Easy to read and informative.
    You left a comment on my site asking about social plug in I use and it is called Super Socializer. You can get it from the WordPress plug in search. Hope this helps, and keep up the good articles.


    • Hey man!

      I have super socializer but my layout is different from yours.. Hmm odd. Did you take the icons off of the left hand side on your site?

  10. Hi Stu,

    When I was a DJ back in the day in the mid 90’s, I had to drag equipment and 300 CDs from my van for a gig. Now its just a home office. I like your site, very informative & I like the set up.


    • Thanks much Frank! Times have really changed haven’t they? Everything is so on demand now.. and that could apply to technology in general as well. People now more than ever before have the power to build a home studio at a pretty reasonable cost..

      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. hey Stu, how are you doing my friend. Great job at explaining the whole home studio head fu…errr head ache, yes that what I wanted to say…head ache πŸ™‚ Not an easy thing to get across, but like I said really good job. Indeed how times have changed, 20 years ago I was sitting in Parr Street Studios in Liverpool recording through 48 track desk and going straight to 2″ tape and taking all day and most of the night to get my ‘drop ins’ right. With the last album I sat in my underpants in my flat, put my parts (guitar parts that is) straight onto my laptop and emailed them to the producer in Denmark….Long live home recording! Cheers!

    • Hey Jeff!

      Hahah that’s awesome man. Could you explain the process a bit more? I’m really curious to know .. Being a product of the Napster age, a lot of my experience in recording has been through digital audio workstations and the like.

  12. Hey Stu!

    I need help ! I’m torn between the AKG K240 mkII or ATH-M40x. Which one is best for gaming, movies and music ?

    • Hey!

      Out of those two, I would go K240 for gaming and certain types of music, i.e. classical, jazz, acoustic, etc. and movies.

      I would go M40x for more bass heavy genres, and as an overall fun headphone that’s also great for mixing. It’s not as good for gaming though.

      It depends on what your top priority is. I like The Audio Technica ATH AD900x; it’s just about the best headphone you could buy for gaming/movie purposes, and it has a nice detailed sound signature for all types of genres. It isn’t bass heavy though, so be forewarned.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


      • Thanks! I think i will get k240. By the way, I have a JVC HA-S400 with FiiO Q1 Amp/DAC. Do you think i will have huge gain in quality with the k240 ?

        • Yeah with any good amp you will most likely notice a positive difference, but it won’t completely revolutionize the way you hear music. πŸ™‚ Just know that it will help, even if the headphone doesn’t require an amp per se.


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