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AKG Q460 vs. Beats Solo | YIKES!

by Stuart Charles Black

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Before we get into the AKG Q460 vs. Beats Solo comparison, grab a snack, sit back and relax because..

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What I will bring you today

For our purposes, I will outline the Q460, compare it to the Beats Solo, and then give some recommendations towards the end. 🙂

  1. Ratings/Price
  2. Specifications
  3. Summary
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Video Review
  7. Amp/DAC requirements
  8. Who these headphones benefit?
  9. Thoughts from Stu’s notepad
  10. Consensus/Conclusion
  11. Similarities & Differences
  12. Beats Solo Timeline
  13. Final Word

Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!!

AKG Q460




The AKG Q460 is a headphone that will present you with a few glaring issues, one of which is the cable. It comes with 2, but one of them is much too short. The inline remote feels a bit cheap, and overall the chords themselves are lacking in the durability department.

As far as the bass, it’s engaging, and looking at Tyll’s graph supports this as well. The issue is in getting a good seal. If you can, the bass sounds pretty darn exceptional. The mid-range is a bit strange though, as there’s some funky peaks and humps going on, which contributes to their somewhat unfocused character.

The treble is the biggest issue, as it kind of just takes a nose dive after 5K. There’s a general lack of sparkle, which is rare for any consumer grade headphone. Usually it’s the opposite, and there’s always a peak at around 9-10k. Here it’s the opposite and you’ll likely be disappointed.


  • Phenomenal case.
  • Durable.
  • Engaging bass.
  • Very portable.


  • Comfort was a mixed bag. Your mileage may vary.
  • Mid-range. There wasn’t a clear consensus.


  • Cable feels cheap and short/Inline remote is difficult to use and also feels cheap.
  • Muffled/distorted sound.
  • One side dead after a time (Anywhere from 7 – 15 months).
  • Treble rolls off sharply after 5k.
  • Because it’s hard to get a good seal, the bass is lacking/loose.
  • Attachment cable broke within 3 months/build suspect.

Video Review

Amp/DAC requirements

No amp needed. How to choose a Headphone Amp!

Who these headphones benefit?

Endorsed for more modern music, but does pretty well with an array of genres.

Genres mentioned:

  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Rock

Thoughts from Stu’s notepad

  • While the amazing quality of the case was unanimous, there were a couple of reviewers who noted a broken zipper upon first inspection. Something to keep in mind.
  • Not many people use the iPods anymore, but in-case you do, don’t use these with an iPod classic. There were some negative reports of data corruption.
  • The Soundstage may not be very wide, but because this is an On-ear closed back, it’s to be expected. What is Soundstage?


An extremely portable set of headphones with a decent mid-range and an excellent case. Treble is sorely lacking, and sort of just rolls off considerably after 5k. Cable feels cheap, and the Inline remote is not only difficult to use, but also feels cheap. The cable is also much too short. Comfort is a mixed bag. Your mileage may vary. The bass here is fairly balanced. It’s not a bass-heads dream by any stretch, but it will suffice.

Similarities & Differences



  • Bass. Not as bass heavy as the Solo’s.
  • Durability. The 460’s are more durable than the Solo’s by a landslide. The original Solo had one of the flimsiest builds in existence. Lol.
  • Comfort. The Q460 is more comfortable. While the Solo 2 and Solo 3 are pretty comfy, the original Solo was not.
  • Bass. The bass on the Q460 is much better defined and a lot less bloated. The Solo’s have these weird mid bass humps between 100 – 200 Hz which makes them sound a bit muddy. The Q460’s is pretty balanced, and gets pretty high marks across the board.
  • Mid-range. Mid-range? On the Solo’s? Haha. It’s pretty much non-existent friend! The Q460’s is a bit of a mixed bag, but it’s there and it’s actually pretty good. The Solo’s mid-range takes a complete nosedive into oblivion, sadly. 🙁
  • Treble. Treble on both is rather recessed, but there’s more to speak of on the 460. I honestly don’t know what Monster was thinking when they released the first Solo’s. Yikes.

Beats Solo Timeline

For your convenience. Just ignore every model until you get to the Solo 2. They’re all crap, lol.

  • Monster Beats Solo (2011). The original incarceration. Really crappy.
  • Beats Solo HD (2012). The second generation. A little better, but still pretty crappy.
  • Beats Solo HD “drenched in color” 2.0 (2013). Really? More like drenched in poop.
  • Beats Solo 2. Pretty decent.
  • Beats Solo 3. The best out of the bunch. Actually very solid across the board. More on that in a jiffy.

Final Word

It becomes pretty obvious to steer clear of the Solo’s. I did really enjoy both the Solo 2 and 3 though. Learn more: Beats Solo 2 vs. Solo 3, or check out my official Beats Solo 3 Review.

However, because those are a bit out of the perceived price range here, I’m going to recommend something sweet today.

If you’re looking for an On-Ear portable headphone that’s indestructible, look no further than the Sennheiser HD25. Literally, I threw them across the room in my video review and they’re still fine. In fact, I make it a habit to abuse the snot out of them. They are a bit more expensive than the Q460, but they’re worth every penny. They’ve got an intense, exciting, and fairly elevated sound signature that still comes off rather detailed and airy. Not only that, but these bad boys have been on the market for over 25 years. Enough said. Interested in learning more about my favorite On-Ear portable?


What about something more affordable? Perhaps a headphone in the general vicinity of the Q460’s price range? The Koss Porta Pro is the solution. Other headphones only wish they were as cool. This baby has been around for decades and is a staple in any serious audiophiles collection. Heck, everyone should have a pair! Interested?


Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this ATH M50 vs. Beats Pro comparison.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

Which of these tickles YOUR pickle? I would love to hear from you. Until next time..

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