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Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review

by Stuart Charles Black
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Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review

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Let’s get right into the Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review and find out if this thing is worth buying!

In The Box

In the box, we’re getting:

  1. Metal Tripod Stand.
  2. Dimmable Ring Light with 78.7″/2m USB Cable.
  3. Phone Holder.
  4. Bluetooth remote shutter.
  5. User Manual.
  6. Warranty Card (2-Year).

Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review


This dimmable ring light features 3 color modes (cold, warm, and natural), and each mode has 10 brightness levels. Inside the high-quality lightboard, there are 160 high-quality LED bulbs that have a 20,000H life span. Color temperature ranges from 2700K-6500K.

The included upgraded Tripod stand has 4 retractable sections to adjust its height from 16″ to 52″.

Upon opening up the stand, I noticed that it’s lightweight but very sturdy and super easy to adjust. I really appreciate the fact that you can pull it up an additional 12″ if you want to stand when recording a video.

The ring light is really easy to screw onto the stand and I was up and running in no time. The included phone holder and Bluetooth remote shutter are nice additions to the package and are very convenient. Just power up your phone and find it in Bluetooth settings.

To get set up and recording, just screw the plate onto the ring light and put it in the tripod holder. Plug the cord into a USB slot on your PC/Laptop or you can just use a power brick into an outlet. I like the convenience of that as well because if I’m plugged into my laptop, the remote is right there for easy adjustment of mode or brightness.

My setup involves a DSLR camera on a separate stand, but you can position the light in any way you want regardless. Phone users will really enjoy the easy, compact, hassle-free setup.

Just screw on the adapter and adjust to taste. The base of the light can be adjusted freely as well.

Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review

What I like most about this light is that it doesn’t take up too much space. Softboxes tend to be quite bulky and because I live in an apartment, the ring light is a nice compromise.

I can move it around very freely and get a nice angle without having to worry too much about knocking crap over and looking like an idiot.

It’s also incredibly easy to operate. I was off to the races within about 5 minutes.

Tonor specifies this light for use with Zoom Conferences, TikTok, YouTube, Makeup, and Photography.

I found the light to be really powerful as well. My DSLR camera body is quite dated and doesn’t do well at night recording video (even with decent lighting), but I was really pleased to find that this light from Tonor really provides a crisp image of my face. Because of this, I will be recording at night more often as I can get a really warm shot with an interesting background.

What’s really cool is that I can record 2 angles at once if I want. It really does make me want to invest in a phone with better video quality (something I may actually do in the near future).

Are there any negatives to speak of?

There was really only one minor nitpick, and that is I wish they had made the phone holder lock when you pull it out. There should be some sort of button/locking mechanism like you’d get with a car holder. As it stands (Haha! No pun intended), I have to kind of pull it out and put my phone in at the same time which is a bit of a hassle. It does clamp the phone tight, so that’s a plus.

Final Word

Is it worth buying?


For around $50 it’s a great value considering everything you’re getting in the package. This light is extremely versatile, easy to set up, and incredibly powerful. The 10 brightness levels for each mode ensure you can get an almost perfect shot even before you take the video to post-production.

If you’re like me and get lots of comments on your videos like “Amazing content but work on your lighting” this is a fantastic investment.

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Well, that’s about it for today my friend! Hope you enjoyed this Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review!

Does this light look like it’s worth the investment? Let me know down below!!

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Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review

Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light Review

Tonor TRL-20 Ring Light




Features & Connections


Image Quality


Features & Versatility





  • Versatile
  • Great Feature Set
  • Excellent Value
  • Easy to use
  • Compact; doesn't take up much space


  • Could use locking mechanism for phone holder

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