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This was my first post ever on Home studio basics, but it’s a thought-provoking one.


So I’m on the way home from picking up my grandma from the airport with my mom and dad. The subject of jobs comes up of course, and my grandma asks me what I’m doing. So I’m honest and I say I’ve been looking for a graphic design job but haven’t found anything. I tell her of the 2 interviews I had in September which led to nothing, and the test I took for a job as an AT&T wire technician position that I qualified for. I told her I haven’t heard back about an interview yet, and the discussion continues on the way home.

My parents and grandmother proceed to tell me I’m lucky that I have a job, and that they are proud of me that I graduated and I’m still looking. They tell me not to give up. I like to have a few options in hand and as I’ve gotten older, I’m learning that age-old “Never put all your eggs in one basket” rings very true.

What really got to me though was their insistence on this whole 9-5 paradigm. You know, trading your time for money. The more I realize how much money I COULD be making, the more ridiculous it sounds to work for someone else. The more ridiculous it sounds limiting myself to how much money I can make per physical hour. There should never be a cap on profit.

We are molded by society to give in to this sort of matrix idea that inhibits us from reaching our true potential. In some ways, we cannot escape the matrix, at least not completely. The profit paradigm is still a matrix of sorts. As long as we are bound by the ideas and constraints of capitalism, entrapment exists. Even if you lived out of a mobile home, (up and coming trend these days), you would still have to maintain, no matter how small the cost.

As my parents rejoiced over how great it is to have a good-paying job, I could only sit in silence contemplating my next move. “The more money you make, the higher your stress level is” exclaimed my mother. How utterly depressing. I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to be stressed out for my entire life just to be able to chill out and finally enjoy it when I’m too old to even do anything (or care).

So finally I piped up: “I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve.” She said “Oh? What are they?” And instead of trying to explain Wealthy Affiliate and opening up a WHOLE NEW CAN OF WORMS, I just said “I won’t tell you about it until I’m successful with it.” This serves a couple of purposes: 1) It prevents all-out war. 2) Once I do make it, I can refer back to that discussion in the car.

Mind you, I am well equipped to debate this with them. But I don’t feel it’s necessary. I love my parents to death, but at times they can be a little close-minded when it comes to these things (politics as well). Debating with my dad is like throwing gasoline on a fire. I love him anyway. 🙂

Without getting into too much more detail, let’s just say that they would all be totally opposed to the internet marketing thing.

Does the word “pipe dream” ring a bell?

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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