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Comin’ at you today with a quick little post about something that is essential for us all to live and dwell: WATER!

Most of us go through our days not drinking enough of it, and our bodies suffer in ways that we can’t really pinpoint. It may sound crazy, but if you don’t drink water regularly, then your body doesn’t really send those signals to your brain.

Instead, you may get depressed, stressed out, and your brain will instead receive these other false signals that prompt us to compensate in some way. We may eat more, drink a soda, smoke a cigarette, or do something similar that isn’t beneficial at all..

What we should instead do is just drink a glass of water if a foul mood strikes.

Water Blogged.

Throughout the day you’re probably dehydrated without knowing it!

They say that by the time your brain tells you that you’re thirsty, you’ve already been dehydrated for some time.

My workaround for this is to carry a 1-liter bottle of water with me and fill it up a couple of times daily. There isn’t a set amount of water that you need to drink, because it varies. The more active you are, the more you will need.

A general guideline is about 2 liters, 74.4 oz. Some will say you actually need more than that, but again there is no perfect number.

A great way to wake up?

I wake up every day at around 6:20 a.m., which totally sucks lol. But I’ve found a way to kick-start my metabolism and it really does send a crazy jolt throughout my body that makes me hyper-alert.

What is it?

I drink an ice-cold 8 oz. glass of water really fast!

It’s that simple. You may have already known this, but haven’t applied it yet. Maybe you have. But I know that for me, I kind of underestimated it for a while and didn’t do it.

Then one day I was about to convince myself to go back to sleep when I remembered the water trick. So I went to my fridge and chugged some ice-cold amazing water and lo and behold…

I felt GREAT!!

It really does make you feel amazing and wakes you up almost instantaneously…

So next time you feel like abusing your body and disrespecting it, instead drink a nice tall glass of water!! Lol.


LMAO, drink some NOW!

You’ll thank me later!!

If you guys have any questions about water or want to leave a comment or something.. please do! I look forward to hearing from you…

All the best and God bless,





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