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The 5 Most Durable Headphones Of All Time

by Stuart Charles Black
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In my over 9 years of experience dating back to 2014, I’ve found that durability in headphones is a funny thing.


Well, consider a headphone like The Audio Technica ATH-M50x; its build is outstanding for the most part, but the pads will crack and harden over time.

Audio Technica ATH M50x Review

So we can’t really say the build is the best because portions of the headphone break down.

Pads are a bit tricky because you can simply replace them, so it’s a bit of a grey area.

Do we recommend the 50x as a long-term solution?

I’d lean towards yes, but just know what you’re getting into and plan accordingly.

The rest of the headphone is incredibly well-built and I had no issues with the model I owned.

Aside from that,

frequent pad changes are never a bad thing; in fact, they’re almost mandatory given that they’ll all wear down at some point.

I said all that to say that the list I’m about to share with you isn’t going to contain headphones that are perfect.

Because that would be impossible.

Do expect this list to reflect over 125 demoed units and thousands of logged hours listening to music combined.

Today I’ve handpicked the ones that absolutely will last you a long time given proper care.

I’ve also only included the ones that stood out to me most – the headphones I would take with me on a deserted island if I knew I had to make them last.

So bookmark this as I add to the list and also keep in mind that this list is only based on my experience.

If you have any ideas for future additions, definitely let me know in the comments!

So let’s dive in!


Philips SHP9500

Price: Check Amazon! | Check B&H! | Check eBay! | Official Review: Here!

Philips SHP9500 vs. 9600

It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which this thing actually breaks down on its own.

I’ve had the 9500 since around 2017 and it hasn’t so much as batted an eyelash.

Yes, it’s mostly plastic, but it’s also super rugged and durable; showing absolutely no signs of wear even under heavy daily use: gaming, listening to music, or otherwise.

Part of the reason for this is because of its metal headband and the ability for the ear cups to rotate a little bit.

In addition,

the plastic seems like a robust type that can withstand some knocks, drops, tosses, etc.

I’ve dropped these plenty of times and they’re perfectly fine.

Heck, there isn’t even so much as a serious nick, scratch, or blemish on the entirety of the unit.

The padding is also a cloth material and hasn’t torn at all.

I find this to be a nice upgrade from the faux leather we discussed in the beginning; it’s not going to crack, peel, or flake and you’ll find this to be a huge benefit over the long haul.

In short, you won’t be sorry with this purchase, as the sound, comfort, and build are all incredible.


AKG K702

Price: Check Amazon! | Check Sweetwater! | Check B&H! | Check eBay! | Official Review: Here!

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD600

There’s something about featherlight headphones that really make you second-guess what you thought about build quality.

On the surface, you’d think heavier = better but that’s not always the case.

This is because if there are more moving parts, more can go wrong.

I think of it like an app that takes up a lot of space on your phone but isn’t necessarily designed well.

Headphones like the 9500 and K702 circumvent this issue by keeping things super simple and lightweight.

The K702?

Its design is arguably even less complex than a 9500.

To start, it dons a hammock-style adjustment.

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD600AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD600

In other words,

you put the headphone on your head and it self-adjusts to the size of your melon.

It does this by utilizing a spring-loaded mechanism in each cup that moves upward as the headphone rests down.

You’re never fiddling with click adjustments and being all OCD about making sure each side is set to the same number.

No, the 702 bypasses all of that.

What’s more, the build is super light but incredibly durable.

To say I’m not all that careful with these headphones would be an understatement.

I toss them around, drop them on purpose, and generally handle them in a not-so-delicate way.

Like the 9500, they haven’t once even flinched.

Not only is the hammock adjustment constructed well, but the padding is also velour and doesn’t suffer from the same issues as faux leather.

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD600

HD600 Pad: Left | K702 Pad: Right

Furthermore, the headband pad is minimalist and lacks overly unnecessary components – just another reason why keeping things lean and light is sometimes best.

Another reason why the 702 makes this list is because of longevity.

This design has stood the test of time for decades and there’s a reason these models are still highly sought after today.

I’ve had a pair since 2019 and I can see it continuing to hold up flawlessly for many years to come.

So if you’re on the fence about these, don’t be.

Even the Chinese models now being manufactured are built very well and will last you a long time.


AKG K240 (M and S versions)

Price: Check Amazon! | Check Sweetwater! | Official Review: Here!

AKG K240 Review

If there were ever a headphone that screams “I’m cheap” it would be a K240.

The kicker?

It’s actually not.

A strange thing happens as time goes by.

You gain perspective.

I used to think the K240 was badly built based on what I read online.

But it’s not.

These types of headphones have stood the test of time because they were made in a much simpler era.

Here’s some anecdotal evidence for you:

My mom’s husband just happened to have a pair lying around and asked me if I wanted them.

Why is that noteworthy?

Well, because he’s OLD.


This pair that I now own literally came out before I was even born.

It’s survived decades of use going back to 1984-1985 when it first came out.

That has to account for something.

In any event,

the K240 is very similar in stature to the K702, only the headband pad is even thinner and the headphones are Gold and Black rather than Blue/White/Grey.

AKG K240 Review

AKG K240 ReviewCosmetically, they are very similar and the differences in passing are kind of minuscule.

Put more simply,

they function in almost the same exact way, but I will remind you that the cup depth is much shallower on a K240.

That’s getting more into comfort though so we’ll save it for another time.

The hammock adjustment?

Yup, it still moves up and down perfectly fine.


Again, these are the types of headphones I like to recommend because I know they’ve been through the wringer so to speak.

And, like the 702, fret not about where it was made.

Yes, the original Made In Austria models are rare and cool, but the newer K240 Studios are just fine.

I previously owned a pair and found it just as durable and well made as my K240M Austrian model.

The takeaway?

The K240s are some of the most durable headphones in existence and have stood the test of time.


Sennheiser HD580/58X/600 series

HD6XXPrice: Check Amazon! | Check Drop! | Official Review: Here!

I’m lumping all of these into one category because it’s easier, they’re all mostly built the same, and they’re all pretty fantastic.

Enter the 600 series, a lineup of headphones that endure through the years and will most assuredly leave a positive lasting impression on you in some form or fashion.

One of the main reasons I rank it above the others on this list is that you can replace all the parts.

That may sound like a contradiction, but I can assure you it only adds to the peace of mind factor.

Because the pieces are removable, it cuts down on the propensity for things to snap under duress.

Kind of like Henry Hill in Goodfellas.

 In addition to that,

I’ve owned a pair of HD600s since 2016 and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it’s at the Top 5 of audio purchases I’ve ever made.

This made-in-Ireland wonder is truly something to behold.

It’s utilitarian, unique, and simplistic all at once.

The headband padding, even despite resting on my head for what is perhaps hundreds of hours, still hasn’t flattened out in the slightest.

Again, HOW.

Yes, the velour padding is going to flatten out, but as mentioned earlier, you should be prepared to replace the pads every so often.

That just comes with the territory.

The HD600?

It’s marvelous.

It represents ingenuity that still lives on today.

An ongoing trend in this article is the fact that these headphones were built during a much different time but are still wildly popular to this day.

Again, that speaks to their prolonged and seemingly never-ending tenure at the top.

And make no mistake, when it comes to durability, I firmly believe Sennheiser is best.

Speaking of,

who takes top honors today?


Sennheiser HD25

Price: Check Amazon! | Check Sweetwater! | Official Review: Here!

Sennheiser HD25 Review

Without a doubt, this is the most durable headphone I’ve ever come across, and it damn well should be given what it’s marketed as.

This is a DJ headphone so it should be able to withstand plenty of abuse, and oh my word does it ever.

Years back before I bought a pair, I read “Indestructible” in reviews more times than I can count.

So I decided to put that to the test in a video that I still look back on fondly:


Yeah, you saw that right, I threw an HD25 around 25 feet off my 2nd story breezeway balcony, and, after literally bouncing off the ground like a basketball, still remained completely intact.


I look at Sennheiser headphones much in the same way as I do Shure microphones.

They pretty much don’t die. Ever.

And that’s what you can expect if you purchase this bad boy.

If you’re into Metal too? HOO BOY. Get ready to BANG YOUR HEAD.

It’s simply the best headphone for Metal and in my mind, it’s not really even close.

As far as durability?

By far the best.

Learn More:


Well, that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the most durable headphones and came away with some valuable insight.

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Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

Which of these are you most likely to purchase? Do you have any potential additions? I would love to hear from you. Until next time…

All the best and God bless,





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ilkay March 18, 2023 - 7:55 pm

Sennheisers really do deliver. I own a pair of HD580’s since 1999 and they are still one of my top pairs. I also have the AKG240 and I have the same impression that you get to understand them long after you’ve dismissed them. I own a pair of ATH-M30’s and I wish I had bought M50’s instead. The fixed and a kilometer long cable drives me crazy 🙁 Btw, I have had so many Philips stuff fail on me that their brand value is almost zero for me. Yes, prejudice is not a good thing. Pls keep up with these interesting articles. Much appreciated.

Stuart Charles Black March 19, 2023 - 2:41 pm

Hey man thanks for the comment! Yeah, it’s hard to believe my HD600s from 2016 are still in such great shape considering everything they’ve been through. The cord for one has been run over hundreds of times by my computer chair and still looks to be in perfect shape lol. Love Sennheiser! Really appreciate the vote of confidence with the 240 as well. It’s even more astounding to consider that the pair of 240Ms I have came out in the mid-80s. They still look great and function flawlessly which kind of blows my mind.

And thank you for your kind words! I will definitely keep writing 🙂

P.S. – Would you be willing to send the 580 for demo at some point? I’ve been dying to try them out for many years and compare to the HD600 and 58X – both of which I have here. I would only keep them for about a month and then send them back. Just contact me if so.

Thanks again my friend!


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