Beats Pro Review

by Stuart Charles Black

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What I will bring you in this review

  1. Ratings/Price
  2. Specifications
  3. Summary
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Video Review
  7. Amp/DAC requirements
  8. Who these headphones benefit?
  9. Consensus/Conclusion
  10. Final Word

Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!

Beats Pro



  • Type: Closed back.
  • Fit: Circumaural (Around the Ear).
  • Impedance: Not specified. What is Headphone Impedance?
  • Frequency response: Not specified.
  • Material: Aluminum, steel.
  • Features: Noise reduction, coiled cable, remote control.
  • Accessories: 6.3 mm (1/4″) stereo adapter, carrying pouch.
  • Color: Black, Red, Silver.
  • Weight: 14.11 oz.



If there’s one thing you should know about the closed back Beats Pro, it’s that they’re about as heavy as a bowling ball. Lol. Closed back vs. open back headphones?

These puppies really give the Audeze LCD3 a run for their money as far as weight is concerned. You can forget about bobbing your head with these on, your neck just might snap, or worse your whole head is libel to fall off. Haha. Learn more: Audeze LCD3 Review.

So comfort is pretty decent, but you’ll know these are on your head at all times and you will be making adjustments from time to time. They’re just incredibly bulky and don’t really work as an on the go portable.

I realize that they’re meant for the studio, but even then you’re going to be scratching your head wondering why in God’s name are these so heavy? Normally a studio headphone doesn’t have to be, as it’s not constantly in transit.

Anywho, I digress.


Build is probably the best aspect here. As alluded to above, these aren’t going to break. They don’t really fold or collapse in anyway, but the aluminum and metal construction leaves no doubt that they’re going to last. A numbah one, for build!

The ear-pads are a protein leather, and they don’t seem to be prone to cracking or peeling which is a plus. The headband adjustment is also solid.


I personally didn’t like it. They come across as artificial sounding, but keep in mind that I’ve had experience with some really high end headphones. To the average listener, these will probably sound pretty good, and are meant for bass heavier genres.

The bass to me was needle like, with an essy treble and of course the recessed mid-range. What does sibilant mean?


  • Build. Extreme durability.
  • Comfortable for the most part, but the weight kind of holds them back.


  • Bulky and heavy.
  • Sound not up to par.

Video Review!

Coming soon!

Amp/DAC requirements

None! How to choose a headphone amp!

Who these headphones benefit?

They will do well with bass heavy genres. I wouldn’t really use them for anything outside of this.

Good for:

  • Rap/Hip-Hop
  • EDM
  • R&B
  • Indie Pop


The Beats Pro provides an almost indestructible build, but the sound isn’t particularly noteworthy, and comfort will vary.

Final Word

If you’re in need of a true studio headphone, I would go ahead and bypass this one in favor of the Sony MDR V6. Why? Because of all these reasons:

  • The V6 is a legendary studio headphone that’s been around for decades.
  • The V6 is a fraction of the price of the Beats Studio.
  • The V6 has a balanced sound signature conducive to studio work.
  • The V6 is an actual studio headphone.
  • The V6 is much more comfortable.
  • The V6 has a great build without being heavier than an anvil.
  • The V6 has a great mid-range and bass response, with a crisp treble.

Interested in learning more about it in a full review?


Looking for a true bass headphone? That’s the Crossfade M100.


Well that’s about it for today folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Beats Pro Review.

What do you think about them?? Worth the price? Not worth it? What about my recommendations? Let me know!!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Let me know in the comments below or Contact me!! I would love to hear from you..

Until then, all the best and God bless..





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