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Before we get into the Bose QC35 vs. Sony MDR 1000x comparison, grab a snack, sit back and relax because…

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What I will bring you in this comparison

This will be a relatively simple article on the Similarities and Differences between these two buddies. Recommendation towards the end. 🙂 Keep in mind, Sony has updated the MDR 1000x to the WH1000xM2.

  1. Introduction
  2. Similarities & Differences
  3. Things to keep in mind with the 1000x
  4. Final Word

Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!


I got a chance to demo both of these bad boys, and I was completely enamored by both. As direct competitors in this specific niche, it becomes a battle that really goes down to the wire. If someone held a gun to my head and forced me to choose, I would honestly have to think it over. Lol.

I think Sony has really started to make a push back into relevance. Their V6 and 7506 are pretty much industry standards, but outside of those, they had been pretty quiet until the MDR Z1R came along. Add the 1000x to the list of up and comers. It’s remarkable.

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That said, does the 1000x outshine the QC35? Let’s find out!

Similarities & Differences


  • Comfort. It’s almost a wash, but I would venture to say that the QC35 is ever so slightly more comfy. Your mileage may vary. Many Sony users reported their ears getting hot after some time (5+ hours). To me that’s good, as I’m really not going to be wearing headphones longer than that for the majority of time. However, over the long haul, the QC35 wins out, as they are much less noticeably and kind of “disappear” after awhile. The 1000x’s are very comfortable, but you’ll notice they’re a bit more snug, which can be fatiguing after a spell.
  • Build quality. I would also say that build is extremely similar based off of my own experience. The 1000x is a bit heavier, but both feel sturdy in the same sort of manner. That said, the 1000x’s have had some issues with the headband/hinge. It starts to creak after awhile and has been known to break down. This is pretty much the only flaw with the headphone.
  • Fold. They both fold up in a similar way.


  • Sound quality. It seems as though the QC35 is more mid-range oriented, with less emphasis on the bass and treble. The 1000x delivers a more lush soundscape overall. I found the 1000x to be a more exciting listening experience, while the QC35’s offer a more balanced and neutral response.
  • Noise cancelling. The noise cancelling features on both are almost identical, although I felt like the 1000x created a bit of a better vacuum seal. They seem to drown out more noise than the QC35. How do noise cancelling headphones work? Also, with the 1000x, you’re able to listen to music without Noise cancellation on. With the QC35, you have to have it on. Further, you can also specify the amount of Noise cancellation present in the 1000x based upon your level of activity (sitting, commuting, walking, flying, etc.), by using the Sony headphone connect app. So basically it compensates by determining how much you actually need. Wouldn’t want to get obliterated by an on-coming Mack truck because you couldn’t hear it! Lol. But wait, there’s more. You can also quickly turn off Noise Cancellation by cupping your hand over the ear of the 1000x. Pretty nifty indeed. Keep in mind some users had issues with the app crashing. Something to keep in mind.
  • Pairing. While the QC35’s will allow you to pair with multiple devices simultaneously, you cannot with the 1000x. You’ll have to unpair and repair.
  • Ear pads. The pads on the 1000x are not user replaceable.
  • Controls. The 1000x’s controls are a bit odd at first. There’s no markings or buttons really. On the side of the ear cup you simply swipe up or down for higher volume, left or right to switch tracks or go back, and the middle portion Plays, Pauses, and takes calls. The QC35’s differ in that they have buttons on them that do the same sorts of tasks. One thing to keep in mind with the 1000x’s is responsiveness. Some users report that the swipe feature is too responsive, others say not enough. Your mileage will vary.
  • Battery life. Sony MDR1000x has 30 hours of battery life, which is longer than the QC35.
  • Phone calls. The 1000x’s microphone isn’t very good, with users reporting poor sound quality when taking calls. Here’s a solution: NEW NEOMUSICIA Replacement cable for SONY MDR1000X / MDR100ABN Noise Cancelling Headphone,Remote volume control & Mic fit Samsung Galaxy Sony Xiaomi Huawei Android phone. The QC35’s phone call capabilities are excellent right out of the box, homie!
  • aptX. In a nutshell, the 1000x’s use what’s called aptX, which allows for greater bandwidth and better sound quality than traditional Bluetooth. Because Bluetooth uses the most compact audio sampling rates (called SBC, or Low Complexity Subband Coding), it’s very compressed, much like MP3. Bluetooth was never intended to provide the best quality, but rather use as little processing power as possible. aptX changes all this by offering “better” compression, a better bit rate via LDAC (able to send more information per second), and thus better sound quality. Does it make a huge difference? Time will tell. I do think the sound quality of the 1000x’s is a bit better than the QC35, but that doesn’t necessarily mean aptX is the reason. Learn more: Bit depth vs. Sample Rate
  • Sleep. It’s a bit more difficult to sleep with the 1000x’s, as any slight grazing will activate voice control or some other feature that you didn’t intend to operate.
  • Battery life indication. The QC35 does a better job of letting you know how much life is left, as well as what you’re connected to. With the 1000x, you’ll have to press the power button to get a reading, or observe the battery reader in the app.

Things to keep in mind with the 1000x

  • The 1000x requires a lithium ion battery.
  • Travel bag is mediocre according to some.
  • Takes 3-5 hours for full charge.
  • Poor sound quality from phone calls.
  • White noise apparent.
  • With no activity, Bluetooth will turn off after 5 minutes. Plug them in via 3.5mm jack to fool the headphones into keeping it on, and extend battery life as well. Plugging them in temporarily disables Bluetooth until they’re unplugged.
  • On a bus, the 1000x’s may have trouble enduring the bumps of a rocky ride.

Final Word

Well friend, to sum it up:

  • The QC35’s are more comfortable overall (and in the long term) than the 1000x’s.
  • The QC35’s sound quality is more balanced, with a mid-range focus and more clarity/detail.
  • The QC35’s pairing capabilities are better, and them being able to simultaneously pair 2 devices is very convenient.
  • The QC35’s phone call capabilities are better, with a better mic and great sound quality.
  • The 1000x’s sound is more “fun” overall.
  • The 1000x’s Bluetooth capabilities are better overall, which is surprising to say considering Bose has held this title for quite awhile.
  • The 1000x’s Bluetooth will turn off after 5 minutes with no use, which was a big complaint with users.

After it’s all said and done, I would still choose the QC35 by a slight margin. The better Bluetooth almost makes the 1000x the winner, but it’s other shortcomings cannot be ignored.




Still interested in the 1000x?


Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Bose QC35 vs. Sony MDR 1000x comparison.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Spot an error? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

What do you think about these headphones? Which is more up your alley? I would love to hear from you. Until next time..

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