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EKSA H6 Review – An Improvement Over The H1?

by Stuart Charles Black
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Big thank you to EKSA for sending the H6 to review!

Full disclosure: This is a paid review but I made it clear to them that I do not guarantee positive reviews or recommendations – I make in-depth, honest evaluations based on my impressions and the ultimate value that the product may or may not provide. 

Greetings mate and Welcome aboard. Stuart Charles here, HomeStudioBasics.com helping YOU make sound decisions leading to a beautiful audio experience that will make you fall in love with music (NOT gear) all over again, so…


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In The Box

1x EKSA H6 Wireless Headset

1x Bluetooth Transmitter

1x Type-C Charging Cable

1x Carry Pouch

1x Manual


  • Product Name: H6
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Impedance: 32Ω±3dB
  • Battery: 500mAH/3.7v
  • Charging Time: 1.5h
  • Use Time: 30h
  • Bluetooth Range: 10M/32ft.
  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz


  • Diameter: ø2.7×1.85mm
  • Sensitivity: -25±1dB
  • Frequency: 100Hz~10kHz
  • Impedance: 2.2kΩ
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • MIC: Support AI voice Intelligent Noise Cancellation

Build + Comfort

Last time we discussed EKSA’s H1 – a similar system overall but how does the H6 differ?

Let’s dive in.

This time around, the H6 is an actual headphone with a microphone. If you’ll recall, the H1 was a true trucker headset, also with a microphone, but only 1 earcup.

You’ll likely agree on this is a welcome change because, in all honesty, the H1 was super awkward to wear; it didn’t quite feel right – not only from a comfort standpoint but also from a musical/call angle.

In other words, having sound come out of only one ear just doesn’t sound quite right.

A quick analogy would be attempting to use only your weaker arm/hand for the entire day.

In any event,

the H6 feels pretty comfortable on your head – likely more than the H1.

Clamping force is snug and they don’t dig into the top of your head which is always a welcome sign. Padding up top is ample enough, and the overall aesthetic is fairly low profile.

Put another way,

you won’t get any weird looks from people and if you were worried about being Bully Fodder and getting stuffed in a trash can, don’t be.

These are extremely utilitarian and unassuming, so get excited!

The same general build/padding material is present, (protein leather) although the H6 opts to include the buttons on the underside of the left cup this time rather than on the outside of the grille area.

You may not care one way or another, and I find that the new spot is perfectly satisfactory.

Button Layout

The middle button is a multi-function power on/off as well as a play/pause, and you can also use the volume buttons to skip tracks or go back.

Just hold either the + or – to go forward or back (2s).

This time around, the big button on the outside is not the power button anymore.

Press it once and you’ll hear a voice say “Do not interrupt.”

I’m not exactly sure what this does, but pretty much nothing changes.

Triple-click it to wake up Voice Assistant/Siri.


Fortunately, it’s a pretty straightforward setup with your device.

First, power on the headset by holding that middle button on the underside that we discussed. Then go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and hit “Search.”

The unit should come up as “EKSA-H6.” Press it and you’ll hear a voice confirming the pairing. Mine is a female voice that says “Power On. Your headset is connected.”

Hold it again to power off and she’ll say “Power Off.”

One thing I really appreciate here is the quick no-nonsense connection and EKSA offers the option of pairing with 2 devices at the same time as well.

Because I’ve demoed a lot of Bluetooth products, I have had issues with finicky connections, weird dropouts, and temperamental devices.

Not so with the H6.

It’s quick and easy and you’d expect nothing less given these are built for serious all-day work.

Like the H1, the H6’s functions are all the same.

Call Functions

  • 1x Click: Answer/Hang Up
  • Hold 2 Seconds: Reject
  • Redial: Double-click the middle button
  • Audio Switching: Hold the middle button for 2 seconds to switch the audio device.

New Call

  • 1x Click (middle button): Answer a new call and hang up the current call
  • Double Click (middle button): Three-way call mode. During a 3-way call, 2x double click to switch between 2 calls
  • Hold 2 seconds: Keep the current call and reject a new call

Dual Pairing

  1. After successfully connecting the headset to Device A (your phone), turn off the Bluetooth of device A. The headset Bluetooth indicator flashes red and blue alternately to enter the pairing state.
  2. Turn on device B, search for and connect to EKSA H6.
  3. Turn on The Bluetooth A device to connect with EKSA H6. After connection, the H6 and devices A and B are in a connected state simultaneously.


The LED lights up blue and red simultaneously for 1 second.

Under the connected/pairing state, press “MFB” and the “volume” for 6 seconds simultaneously until the LED lights up in blue and red simultaneously for 1 second, indicating the pairing information is cleared.


When the battery is less than 10% the headset will voice prompt “battery low” every 3 minutes. Charge as soon as possible.

When the H6 is not in use, charge it at least 1 time every 2 months.

Use the original cable for charging. Voltage can’t exceed 5V.


You may remember from last time that the H1 sounded pretty abysmal just listening to music.

I’m happy to report that the H6 is much improved – to the point where I actually wouldn’t mind using these at all if I fit the targeted demographic.

Do they sound as good as more expensive audiophile headphones?

Absolutely not.

Does it matter?

Not really.

This is certainly an unfair comparison, but it paints a really clear picture of how these may sound to you.

Coming from a HIFIMAN Edition XS, the sound of the H6 is a bit more brash, rough around the edges, and a touch bright, but everything is very clear and I have few qualms; especially for the price.

In other words,

these actually sound fairly balanced for what they are.

I’m not getting any mid-bass bloat, and the overall sound portrait is crisp and lively.

You may recall that I didn’t actually recommend the H1 as there were a few things I thought could be improved first.

One of those things was in fact the sound quality – something that sounds lightyears better in this H6 model.

Any company that takes feedback seriously should be applauded and EKSA certainly did a fine job here.

Microphone & Range

If that wasn’t cool enough,

I also suggested last time that they make the Bluetooth Range better or specify the correct numbers. The H1’s original claim was 30M/99 ft. and I found that to be way over-exaggerated.

Well, they listened again.

The H6 advertises 10M/32 ft. which is right in line (and better) than my experience with the H1. With those, I could walk around 55 ft. with no dropouts and about 75 ft. before it began cutting out. 

Another win for EKSA.

Last time there was a microphone button on the side of the H1, but this time around you’ll simply move the mic up or down to initiate.

Push it up and you’ll hear a voice say “Microphone off.”

Push it back down and she’ll say “Microphone on.”

Simple enough.

You’ll like this feature a lot and find that it utilizes the mic’s free range of motion to great effect.

Mic Quality

Good enough for me! You be the judge:


Pros & Cons


I think this time around, EKSA has a winner on its hands.

Like last time, we’ll go over what I liked and also give some suggestions for improvement before we give a final verdict

What I liked:

  • The advertised range is much more realistic.
  • Nice package including a BT transmitter and carry bag. This means you can just plug it into your laptop and listen to music at home or at work. Also included is the same charging cable from last time.
  • The sound quality (for music) is lightyears better than the H1.
  • They connect very quickly and are simple to use.
  • Battery life seems to be excellent.
  • They’re a lot more comfortable than I was expecting.
  • The included Transmitter ups the value quite considerably.
  • Noise cancellation properties are still good.
  • The build is good and I appreciate the metal headband.

If I were to give some suggestions:

  • The gaming sound quality of the headset was pretty poor and could be improved.

Final Verdict

EKSA H6 Review

I think EKSA did a fine job improving upon some shortcomings in the original H1 and feel as though the price matches what you’re getting this time around.

In other words,

for an additional $10, they improved the sound quality tremendously, added a Transmitter, and also revised the Range numbers to fit more in line with what they actually are.

For that, and for the fact that they listened to feedback, I’m happy to say I think these are now worth a look.


Well, that’s about it for today folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this EKSA H6 review and came away with some valuable insight.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

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Do you have any experience with these? Do you think they are now worth a purchase? I’d love to hear from you. Until next time…

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Music Sound


Call Clarity/Noise Cancellation





  • Music quality much improved
  • Advertised range is realistic
  • Added transmitter ups the value considerably


  • Gaming sound is pretty poor

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