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How To Denoise Vocals And Audio In FL Studio

by Stuart Charles Black
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Today we’re going to learn How to denoise audio in FL Studio. This method will remove noise from the entire audio clip – not just before and after.

With that, let’s take a look and see how it works!

Open an FL Studio project and hit F5 to bring up your playlist.

If you recorded into the playlist, just double-click the audio to bring up the dialog window.

Now right-click where the sample is > Edit in audio editor (Edison).

If you recorded the audio directly into Edison, you’re good to go.

From here, left-click the view button and make sure both Spectrum and Dual View are selected. Now we can see the noise.

Now just left-click and drag to select an area that only has the noise. We’ll use this selection as our noise profile.

For my example, I selected the portion right before I plucked the chord.

Now head up to the icon that looks like a toothbrush and right-click to acquire the noise profile.

After that’s finished, left-click and drag to select the entire clip you want denoised.

Now left-click the toothbrush icon thingie to bring up the Denoise tool.

Have a gander at the top right where it says “Amount.” Here you can use the slider to adjust. All the way to the left keeps all the noise, and all the way to the right specifies 0 noise.

Try somewhere in the middle to start, as moving the slider all the way to the right can sometimes result in an unnatural-sounding guitar/vocal/recording.

For my guitar, around halfway is good and eliminates the subtle hiss in the background. Turn the volume up considerably on your monitors to hear what’s going on.

When you’re satisfied, press Accept.

Now just drag the sample into the Playlist and you’re ready to rock.

If you were curious, I used an MXL 991 to record my Epiphone Acoustic guitar. These are just some chords I plan to use for a beat.

To make things easier to hear, I applied a +5dB boost to both the noisy guitar and the denoised one. No EQ was applied. If you’re interested in how to record and EQ an acoustic guitar in FL Studio, click here.

In any event, here are the samples! Turn up the volume to hear the noise a bit easier.



A night and day difference!

This effect works with microphones or DI (Direct Input) so don’t be afraid to play around with it!

This tool is incredibly simple but also very powerful and can really save your bum.

With that said, I hope this has helped! Reach out with any questions and I’d be happy to assist.

Well, that’s about it for today folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to denoise vocals and audio in FL Studio and gained some valuable insight.

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