Presonus Eris E5 vs. JBL LSR 305 | KEY DIFFERENCES?

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Today I will provide an informative comparison of these two studio monitors, and then give my recommendation towards the end. 🙂 What are studio monitors?

  1. Similarities & Differences
  2. Final Word

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Similarities & Differences


  • Both are active studio monitors and don’t need a separate amplifier.
  • Both have 5″ woofers (or low-frequency drivers), and thus both are very good for smaller, untreated type rooms, or if you live in an apartment like me. Check out Acoustic Sound Treatment for some tips on improving quality!
  • Tweeters. For their high-frequency driver types, both are dome, although the 305’s is a soft dome vs. the silk dome of the E5. There’s also cone tweeters. You may be wondering the difference between soft dome and cone. Dome tweeters are more common and they have a better dispersion pattern than cones. They are also made from materials that are better at reproducing high frequencies, and also handling more power without distortion. Because the tweeter is what provides the speaker it’s overall sound characteristics, it’s usually what stands out when you’re intently listening to music. So basically, a soft dome tweeter provides more clarity, and more accuracy, while also having a more linear response than a cone.


  • Frequency Response. The E5’s go from 53Hz – 22kHz, while the 305’s go from 43Hz-24kHz.
  • SPL. The 305’s can handle a higher sound pressure level at 108 dB vs. the 102 dB of the E5. What is SPL?
  • Power. The 305’s provide a tad more power at 82 watts than the E5’s at 80 watts.
  • Weight. The D5’s are 10.2 lbs. while the 305’s are 10.12 lbs.
  • Input Types. The E5’s have a 1/4″ XLR (What is XLR?), and an RCA (unbalanced), while the 305’s have an XLR and a 1/4″ TRS. TRS vs. TS.
  • Overall sound. The 305’s boast a flatter signature, while the E5’s have more of a punch in the 100-150 Hz range). Basically, this means that the E5’s aren’t meant for mixing, while the 305’s are. The E5 is meant for the casual listener who simply wants a punchy and exciting sound. I got a chance to demo the E5’s at a friend’s house. They have an incredibly pleasant sound to them. It’s very relaxed and mellow. You could probably get away with mixing on them, but you’ll notice that the 305’s are a bit crisper and snappier.
  • Size. If space is an issue, the E5’s are much more compact, and could theoretically fit into much tighter spaces than the bulkier 305’s. Check out my post on Acoustic Sound Treatment for some more tips.
  • Port. The 305’s have a bass port on the back, while the E5’s is on the front. What this means is that if you have the 305’s right up against a wall, you may not get a bass response that’s as good as if you had them out a foot or two from the wall. The E5’s are front ported, so you won’t have to worry about that, and the bass may come through more accurately. However, if you’re able to place your 305’s out from the wall a bit, then the difference in sound in the lower region between the two would be negligible.

Check out the videos I came across! (ignore the KRK’s, lol)

Just the 305 vs. E5

Final Word

I’ve had the LSR 305’s since December of 2014, and they’re still going strong. I fully believe that they are the best monitors in this class (price range), and have some serious punch to them while not sounding bloated or artificial. They are perfect for casual listening as well as mixing/monitoring in the studio. Interested in learning all about them?


If you dig a more colored response and only want a monitor for casual listening, the E5 is a nice option.



Well, that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Presonus Eris E5 vs. JBL LSR305 comparison.

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