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Hey guys! Today I’ll be comin’ at you with the best cheap condenser microphone! I did a lot of research before writing this, and just kept coming back to the Audio Technica AT2020. It’s a great option whether you’re looking for USB or XLR!

What is the difference between a USB microphone and an XLR microphone?

Before we get started on the actual review, grab a snack, sit back and relax because

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Audio Technica AT2020

Audio Technica AT2020 chilling in studio. 🙂

What I will bring you in this review

  • Summary
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • What you will need?
  • Who this mic benefits?
  • Final Word

Audio Technica AT 2020


This mic is an entry-level unit and one of the best in its class for beginners and vocalists looking to get their feet wet. It’s durable, provides exceptional clarity, and functions as a sort of “multi-purpose tool”. You can record anything with it!!

The great thing about the XLR setup (as mentioned above) is the fact that you can simply upgrade to a better condenser mic if you want! Biting the bullet now and purchasing an audio interface will pay great dividends later. I still have my Samson C01, and it’s still beastly, but at any time I can upgrade because I provided myself with the foundation.

In short

The AT2020 is a condenser microphone that uses XLR connectivity and the phantom power from your audio interface. Check out my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 review!

This is the preferred method for a more professional sound, but you can always go with the USB version as well!


  • multi purpose (one reviewer commented on its ability to record his acoustic guitar)
  • full bodied, warm sound
  • clean and clear vocals
  • well built and durable
  • solid and reliable
  • clean, warm, and quiet (meaning not “tinny” compare this quality with USB quality and you will see a clear difference).


  • mic doesn’t come with cables or shock mount
  • the bag is a little flimsy and doesn’t come with padding

Check out the review and unboxing!

What you will need?

The XLR version of this mic needs

Who this mic benefits?

  • Some use it for podcasting
  • Others use it for voice over work
  • Some use it for recording rap music
  • Others use it for miking drum kits..
  • And some people use it for recording their acoustic guitars


A versatile mic, with a durable build and amazing performance. Gripes include that the mic doesn’t come with cables or shock-mount, and the bag is a little flimsy and doesn’t come with padding.

Final Word

It is one of the most versatile microphones out there. I lost count of how many different reviewers commented on how many different applications it works well in!



To recap

  • Make sure you have an audio interface before you buy the XLR version.
  • make sure your audio interface has phantom power, which is what is used to amplify the signal.
  • make sure you have at least one XLR cable going from your mic to the interface.

Well folks, that’s about all she wrote for today!! If you have any further specific questions about the best cheap condenser mic, leave a comment or Contact me!

What do you think about this mic? Let me know down below!! I very much look forward to hearing from you..

All the best and God bless,



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