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paired with the 2i2.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on good rap mics, and I’m here today to tell you that I’ve got some sick solutions to all of your hip hop needs. In fact, my research has spanned almost a year because I’m continuously data mining for other articles, and I come across many different sources saying the same thing. Add to that the fact that I’ve always had a passion for hip-hop, and you get a recipe for some great advice. I’m not a rapper per se, but I am a producer, and have dabbled in writing lyrics and recording on a few occasions. I currently have a Samson C01, and it has served me well since 2007. Imagine that, a “cheap” mic that feels like a barbell and performs like a porn star (Well it is rock hard). Eh that was a bad analogy. Lol. I really haven’t had a need to upgrade because I’m not into recording raps like that, but I may in the future.

Unfortunately, I cannot just recommend one single mic and call it a day. There are too many variables and things to consider before purchase.


  1. Your budget. Are you looking for an entry level best option, or overall best option? The best is also very subjective. While there is a certain consensus about specific microphones, everyone’s best will be a little different. Today we’ll try to consolidate it down to some sure fire options for you!
  2. Your room. Whatโ€™s your studio space like? Are you in a small to medium sized bedroom with no Acoustic Sound Treatment? Do you have some bass traps and foam panels set up? Or are you in a professional setting? All of this matters greatly, as condensers in general pick up a lot of unwanted noise.
  3. Condenser mic vs. Dynamic mic. Which do you prefer? Condenser microphones require 48v phantom power, usually provided by your audio interface or mixer. What does an audio interface do? Want to know more about how your computer processes the sound from your mic through the interface? Check out: bit depth vs sample rate!
  4. Your voice. Are you male or female? Is your voice naturally low or high? Do you need to be able to really belt it? What’s your delivery like? These are all things to consider when choosing a mic thatโ€™s appropriate for you.
  5. Sound. Are you looking for a flat/neutral response, or a warm, accentuated one?

That said, here are my top recommendations for some different types of instances and situations you may face. This article is not meant to confuse you! I would rather point out a few tried and true options and not render you frustrated and annoyed.

Top recommendations

Best budget rap microphone

  1. MXL 770. This baby has a natural low end sound and it’s rugged as all heck. Check out my MXL 770 cardioid condenser microphone review!

What is a cardioid capsule?

Best condenser microphones for rap

  1. AKG C214. This puppy has come up time and again, and it just may be the best overall. It also happens to be extremely versatile. Adds warmth to your voice. Not neutral. Check out my AKG C214 condenser microphone review!
  2. Audio Technica AT4040. This and the C214 are very similar, and it’s a really close call. I would say the 4040 is a bit more versatile as an all around piece, and is neutral rather than warm. Check out my AKG C214 vs. AT4040 comparison!
  3. AKG C414. This beast has been around for quite a long time in many different iterations. Luckily for you I did some articles on that as well! AKG C214 vs. C414. I read somewhere awhile back that Ice Cube used a 414 back in the day. If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me! Lol. Also: AKG C414 XLS vs. XLII. Regardless, the original 414 was a staple in the rap industry way back when. Gotta mention it!

Best dynamic microphones for rap

  1. Shure SM58. Not much more can be said about this monster that hasn’t already been said. Great for live vocals, but also works extremely well in studio! Joe Gilder from Home Studio Corner has a great shootout/comparison of the SM58 and the SM7B side by side! Check out my article comparing the Shure SM57 vs. SM58
  2. Shure SM7B. Wow, what can I say about this guy. Perhaps the best dynamic microphone for vocals. Does nicely with rap as well. Michael Jackson used it on Thriller, a long with a bunch of other big names in the industry. You can really scream into this one if you want. It takes all the abuse and then some!

Best bigger budget microphones for rap

  1. Nuemann TLM 102/103. A friend of mine bought a TLM 102 when he got serious about recording. Because he was charging people by the hour to use his studio, he needed a mic that could not be scoffed at.
  2. Blue Kiwi. Has a pronounced mid-range and low end, but isn’t in your face. This mic is very similar to the C414.

Again, these are some of the microphones that I have come across most frequently in my research. There are a lot of best of lists that look very similar. Just keep in mind again, that opinions do vary, but I have the utmost confidence that this article will get you started in the right direction.

Final Word

That said, if I had to recommend one overall, I would probably start you out with the AKG C214. I’ve heard too many good things about it to let it go. It’s in that magic price range that isn’t too cheap, but also not ridiculously expensive to the point of having to mortgage off your car. Lol.




Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve come away with some valuable information in this best recording microphone for rap article!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

Which of these mics tickles your pickle? I would love to know ๐Ÿ™‚ Until next time..

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