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the best recording microphone for vocals | AMAZING VALUE!

by Stuart Charles Black
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Hi friend and Welcome aboard!!

Last time, in my best cheap condenser microphone article, I outlined the Audio Technica AT2020, this time I will be giving you a rundown of the best recording microphone for vocals.

The Rode NT1A has been popping up everywhere in my search, so I thought I would condense it (no pun intended lol) into a friendly article for you all!

This microphone is very well researched by me personally, and it has rock-solid reviews to back up my rambling! I have quite a bit of experience with microphones as well, and feel very confident giving you this recommendation!

The Rode NT1A


  • rivals microphones that are 5 times the cost
  • quiet
  • rugged and durable
  • very sensitive, so make sure you have a booth and a quiet room set up.
  • comes with a Ten year guarantee.
  • the package comes with everything you need (XLR cable, shockmount, pop filter, etc.) and also happens to be cheaper than buying everything individually!
  • versatile (can be used for acoustic guitars and the like)
  • flat enough to be used in many different recording situations
  • it really warms up your voice and makes you sound COOLER. 😀


  • one reviewer noted that it sounds somewhat harsh when you “rap aggressively” into it (an isolated case, others have stated the opposite).
  • the “very sensitive” (hot) can be a pro and a con. This thing by many accounts, picks up A LOT of background noise. So just be aware that you will need to know what you’re doing in terms of setting up your booth.

Some things to note:

It must be used with studio monitors and the vocals must be EQ’d properly. What are Studio Monitors? It’s a high-quality mic so high-quality treatment must given. Pamper it a little. Tell it how wonderful it is. Maybe pet it a little.

Maybe don’t go that far 😛

Also, make sure the mic is facing the right direction. Gold dot forward. Or it won’t sound right. This is common for cardioid condenser mics, as they are meant to receive sound from one direction (the front).

This mic, again competes admirably with many others that are far more expensive so that should tell you something. It also pairs perfectly with the Scarlett 2i2.

Basically, in this price range, there is no competition.


Other notes

  1. Mic needs phantom power, which I have discussed ad-nauseum (So get a good audio interface!)
  2. Needs XLR cable, which is provided in this package
  3. condenser mics in general are very fragile and must be treated with the utmost care.

Well folks, that’s about it for today’s post on the best recording microphone for vocals! I hope you’ve enjoyed my informative and somewhat humorous review of the Rode NT1A.

What do you think about this all in one package? Let me know!!

If you have any further specific questions, or need specific advice or help, please don’t hesitate to reach out or Contact me!

I very much look forward to hearing from you

All the best and God Bless,



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AJ May 27, 2015 - 6:40 am

I love this post bro. I use FL STUDIO right now, but this microphone is sick. I love to use the robotic voices in the program. Makes life fun. Anyways look forward to more from you.


Stu May 27, 2015 - 1:08 pm

That’s cool man I use FL as well. It’s a great program. I’m looking into buying this mic.. I’ve heard great things about it .. thanks for stopping by though! Come back anytime..

nnamdi May 27, 2015 - 11:22 am

Hello STU, what a great and insightful review on the best vocal recording machine. I think it’s worth buying because of its great features.

Thanks for this man.

Stu May 27, 2015 - 1:07 pm

Hey man thanks for stopping by! It is a great all around mic for when you’re just starting out..


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