AKG K612 vs. K702 | Is There A Difference?


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Let’s compare the AKG K612 and K702 shall we?!

We’ll start with build and features..


which are nearly identical in many regards.

We’ve got the same hammock style self-adjusting headband, the same detachable circular ear cups, and similar-looking grilles, although the K702’s outermost ring protrudes slightly vs. the flatter and more rounded off piece inherent on the K612.

The adjustment mechanism itself on the K702 reveals their block text logo on the bottom circular dot, while the K612 sports the actual logo in the same spot. Both have R and L indicators on the uppermost dot.

One main aesthetic difference includes the Midnight Blue and silver color scheme on the K702 vs. the Dark Gray/Silver combo of the K612. Lastly, both terminate in a 3.5mm jack, but the K702’s cable is a detachable mini XLR while the K612’s cable cannot be removed at all.

What about comfort?


Both are incredibly comfortable over long sessions save for some relatively minor adjustments. Clamp
force is good, with neither being too tight or loose, and both headphones are light enough not to dig into your dome piece much at all.

Both sport the fan-favorite velour padding, but the K612’s seems slightly softer than the K702’s, like a drag queen at a rave, and is thus a tad more comfortable in my estimation. All in all, you’ll mostly be forgetting that these are on your head!

Let’s discuss the sound, which is one of the easiest comparisons I’ve ever done. I’ve been listening to the K702 since December
of 2019, and the K612 since around March of 2020.

Sources include Tidal Hi-Fi, Spotify Premium, and all FLAC files of at least 24-bit/44kHz.

I’ve listened to hundreds of songs at this point with both, but for the sake of a focused A/B comparison,
I used 7 tracks back and forth and was easily able to come up with a marked difference.

AKG K612 vs. K702
AKG K702, with the K612 as The Terminator in the background 😛

In a nutshell, the K612 is a smoother, warmer, more relaxed, more laid back, and more mellowed out version of the K702, with a bit less clarity and resolution, almost as if a thin layer of haze is covering the sound.

The K702 by contrast feels crisper, snappier, more sterile, more neutral, more in your face, and more forward, with slightly more air around the instruments that can especially be heard in some Classical pieces.

To some, the K702 may provide better overall clarity at the expense of musical enjoyment. Everything is just a bit more clear and easily heard – Background rhythm guitars, voices, etc. It’s easier to distinguish what’s what, but keep in mind it’s a fairly subtle difference in passing!

As far as amplification is concerned, I was using the Zen DAC with the power match on, and found more than loud enough levels at around 1 ‘o clock. Both headphones are woefully inefficient at around 91dB/mW Sensitivity, but both also don’t resist power much at 62 Ohms each.

The Zen is a great Amp/DAC combo for those just starting out!

Genre-wise, I’d stick to lighter compositions such as those in Classical, Jazz, Acoustic, and Folk, but don’t be shy with other genres like Rock, Hip-Hop, and Indie Pop. While neither headphone slams in the bass department, both are incredibly enjoyable due to their natural presentation and propensity to reveal micro details with ease.

Gamers and movie buffs alike will enjoy the excellent Soundstage width and depth apparent in both headphones, which create a wonderful 3D soundscape when coupled with an Amp/DAC like the Creative SoundBlasterX G6.

The G6 (pictured left) is a fantastic all-around Amp/DAC for the gamer in YOU.

Whether gaming on your console or PC, watching movies, or simply listening to some old favorites on vinyl, the K702 and K612 aim to please.

Prior research had indicated that the K612 was a near-perfect Classical headphone and that sentiment certainly has merit considering it’s warmer character helps to mitigate the issues apparent in the genre – from quiet to deafening in a hurry, the K612 handles the volatile nature of Classical pretty well, but by and large it’s still a genre that remains incredibly difficult to replicate effectively.

If you’re a kick back and relax type of homie, go with the K612. If you prefer to be more analytical with your music and enjoy the finer details, go with the K702.

Personally, both have a place in my studio but..

It’s for you to decide…

It’s up to you.

For kick back and relax type of homies:



For micro detail heads:



Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief but concise AKG K612 vs. K702 comparison and now understand the main differences between them!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!!

Are you a kick back and relax type of homie, or do you prefer some more micro detail in your listening experience? I would love to hear your thoughts. Until next time..

All the best and God bless,





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