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AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S – A Practical Sound Comparison

by Stuart Charles Black
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When it comes to the realm of high-quality headphones, enthusiasts and audio professionals often find themselves faced with an array of choices that promise exceptional sound experiences.

Among the contenders for audiophile and gaming excellence, the AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD560S stand out as formidable options, each boasting distinct features and sonic characteristics.

In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the intricacies of both headphones, dissecting their build, comfort, sound quality, amplification needs, gaming capabilities, instrument separation, soundstage, resolution, instrument timbre, genre compatibility, mixing prowess, and more.

As we navigate through these elements, it becomes evident that both the AKG K702 and the Sennheiser HD560S have their strengths and weaknesses, with unique features that appeal to different audiophile tastes and gaming scenarios.

Exploring these aspects will unveil a nuanced understanding of how each headphone performs, allowing us to appreciate the finer details that contribute to their sonic excellence.

With that, let’s dive in!

Build Quality

The build quality of headphones is a crucial aspect that determines their durability, longevity, and overall user satisfaction.

The AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD560S each exhibit distinct build characteristics that contribute to their aesthetics, robustness, and user experience.

AKG K702 Build

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560SThe AKG K702 boasts a build that emphasizes lightweight materials while maintaining a durable and reliable structure.

Crafted predominantly from high-quality plastics, the K702 achieves a balance between weight and sturdiness.

The headband, while not composed of metal, employs a robust plastic frame and features an innovative self-adjusting mechanism that adapts effortlessly to various head sizes.

This design enhances comfort during extended listening sessions and greatly reduces the risk of fatigue.

While the predominant use of plastic might raise concerns about long-term durability, the AKG K702’s build quality has proven dependable with proper care.

I will say that the small, clear pieces of plastic on the inside of the headband mechanism have snapped, but it hasn’t affected the overall durability and they still self-adjust like new.

In other words,

I don’t really know why they’re there other than a small bit of extra reinforcement even though per my experience, they never really did anything.

Sennheiser HD560S Build

Sennheiser HD560S Review

The Sennheiser HD560S exhibits a modern and sleek design, and like the 702, focuses on both lightweight construction and durability.

The headphone’s components, including the headband and ear cups, are constructed using high-quality plastics with a bit of metal for the grilles.

The headband features an adjustable design that ensures a personalized fit, accommodating various head shapes and sizes.

While the ear cups don’t swivel around completely, they do rotate inward and outward a bit which helps to achieve the perfect fit – a great benefit during extended listening sessions.

While the ear cup construction relies on plastic, the overall build quality of the HD560S maintains high durability and excellent structural integrity.

Comparative Analysis

Both the AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD560S employ thoughtful engineering in their build, utilizing plastic materials to create lightweight yet reliable structures.

The K702 excels in comfort through its well-crafted self-adjusting headband, while the HD560S showcases a modern design that balances durability and aesthetics.

Both headphones rely on plastic components for their construction, yet their innovative design and attention to comfort contribute to a satisfying user experience.

With proper care, both the AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD560S offer durable build quality that caters to audiophiles and gamers alike.

I’ve had the K702 since 2019 and it pretty much still functions like new – even with plenty of drops and general wear and tear.

Let’s talk a bit about the pads themselves.

AKG K702 Earpads

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S

The AKG K702 headphones are equipped with large, circular earpads that are slightly angled.

These earpads are notably spacious, encompassing the ears without exerting excessive pressure on the sides of the head.

The circular shape provides a good amount of room for the ears to fit comfortably inside, creating a sense of openness that contributes to the K702’s wide Soundstage.

The angled design helps direct the drivers toward the ears, enhancing sound projection and instrument placement.

The plush padding of the earpads enhances comfort during extended listening sessions, while the breathable materials help prevent heat buildup.

Sennheiser HD560S Earpads

Sennheiser HD560S Review

The Sennheiser HD560S headphones feature oval-shaped earpads that are designed to accommodate the natural shape of the human ear.

The elongated shape of the earpads offers a secure fit around the ears, creating a seal that aids in sound isolation and prevents leakage while also potentially enhancing the bass response.

In addition, the earpads are well-padded for comfort, with materials that allow for extended wear without causing discomfort.

The oval shape aligns with the ears’ geometry, contributing to a more intimate and immersive listening experience.

Listeners who prioritize a spacious soundstage and open presentation may find the K702’s earpads appealing, while those who value sound isolation and a secure fit may gravitate toward the HD560S’s earpad design.

As for myself?

I tend to prefer cups that don’t touch my ears much, so the K702 really hits the spot. That’s not to say that the 560S isn’t super comfortable, because it is.

I just prefer the 702 slightly more.


AKG K702

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S

The AKG K702 is renowned for its lightweight build and comfortable design.

One of its standout features is the self-adjusting headband, which automatically adapts to fit the user’s head size.

This design eliminates the need for manual configurations and ensures an even distribution of weight across the head.

The large circular earpads encompass the ears without exerting excessive pressure, allowing them to breathe and reducing the likelihood of heat buildup during long listening sessions.

The padding on the headband and earpads are plush and soft, further enhancing comfort.

The overall lightweight construction of the K702 contributes to its fatigue-free wear over extended periods.

Much of this is due to the fact that the headphones have an almost perfect clamping force and never feel like they’re digging into the top or sides of your head.

I can wear the K702 pretty much indefinitely without having to take it off – a huge asset when mixing down tracks into the wee hours of the morning or sitting on my ass in a sedentary position while gaming.

Just make sure you have a big bowl of Cheetos so you can be a real couch potato.

Sennheiser HD560S

Sennheiser HD560S Review

The Sennheiser HD560S also focuses on providing a comfortable listening experience. Its lightweight build reduces the strain on the head and neck during extended use.

The headband is padded and adjustable, allowing users to find a comfortable fit.

And, in addition to the oval-shaped pads contouring nicely (as we discussed earlier), the clamping force is just right. It feels like someone’s gently hugging your head which is exactly what you want over longer listening sessions.

Not only does this enhance comfort, but it also ensures a secure and proper seal.

The earpad materials are soft and cushioned, further enhancing overall comfort levels.

Overall, the lightweight design and ergonomic elements make the HD560S suitable for long listening sessions without any issues.

Comparative Analysis

Both the AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD560S excel in comfort, albeit with slightly different approaches.

The K702’s self-adjusting headband and large circular earpads offer a relaxed fit that accommodates a wide range of head sizes, while the HD560S’s oval earpads align closely with the ears’ natural shape, enhancing sound isolation and comfort.

Some users may prefer the self-adjusting headband of the K702 for its convenience, while others may appreciate the secure and snug fit provided by the HD560S’s oval earpads.

In both cases, the lightweight construction, soft padding, and thoughtful design elements contribute to a comfortable listening experience that caters to various preferences and usage scenarios.

Sound Quality

AKG K702

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S

The AKG K702 is revered for its analytical and open sound profile.

With a focus on detail and clarity + an emphasis on the mids and highs, the K702 delivers an extremely precise representation of audio.

In addition to its excellent instrument separation and vocal clarity, the wide soundstage immerses listeners, making it particularly appealing for gaming and critical listening.

While its bass response is accurate, some might find it relatively restrained, favoring accuracy over a pronounced low-end impact.

The K702’s balanced tonality and detailed presentation make it well-suited for mixing; especially for those discerning listeners who appreciate an analytical approach.

Sennheiser HD560S

Sennheiser HD560S Review

In contrast, the Sennheiser HD560S offers a warmer and smoother sound signature.

Its emphasis on neutrality and balance appeals to those seeking a more natural representation of audio.

While maintaining good detail retrieval, the HD560S introduces a gentle touch to the highs, resulting in a fatigue-free listening experience.

The bass response is well-defined and extends satisfyingly without overpowering other frequencies.

In fact, the 560S improved upon the shortcomings of the others in the line by providing a well-done bass shelf that extends across the entirety of the low end.

The soundstage, though slightly narrower compared to the K702, still offers accurate positioning of audio sources.

This makes the HD560S versatile across various genres and suitable for extended music sessions without listener fatigue.

It offers excellent detail retrieval and a wide soundstage, making it ideal for critical listening and analytical tasks.

The Sennheiser HD560S also offers remarkable clarity but with a warmer and smoother character, focusing on balanced tonality and accurate representation of frequencies.



Both headphones benefit from amplification, but the AKG K702 is generally more demanding in this aspect.

While the HD560S can be driven sufficiently by mobile devices, the K702 benefits from a dedicated headphone amplifier to unlock its full potential.

I wouldn’t go too crazy here as it’s not nearly as hard to drive as people on the internet make it seem, but something like a JDS ATOM or FiiO K5 Pro will do the trick admirably.


Gaming Prowess

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S

Both headphones are suitable for gaming due to their wide soundstages and clear instrument separation.

However, the AKG K702 edges out slightly in this regard due to its larger soundstage and better imaging, which can provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Instrument Separation and Soundstage

The AKG K702 excels in instrument separation and soundstage, creating a spacious and accurate representation of audio sources.

The HD560S also offers good separation and soundstage, but the K702’s wider soundstage and precise imaging give it an edge, particularly for gaming and critical listening.

Resolution and Instrument Timbre

Both headphones offer high resolution and accurate instrument timbre, but the AKG K702’s analytical nature tends to provide more detail and clarity, especially in complex tracks.

The HD560S maintains a natural and balanced tonality, but the K702’s detail retrieval is just a bit better in my opinion.

Genre Pairing and Mixing Capabilities


The Sennheiser HD560S is versatile across various genres, providing a balanced and enjoyable listening experience.

However, some users may find its sound signature to be slightly dull or lacking excitement in certain instances.

This characteristic is somewhat evident across Sennheiser’s 500 series models, including the HD560S.

On the other hand, the AKG K702’s analytical and detailed sound makes it suitable for a wide range of genres and also offers accurate mixing capabilities while retaining a sense of liveliness and excitement that the 560S simply lacks.

Overall Performance

AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD560S

Considering all factors, the AKG K702 emerges as the more versatile and well-rounded headphone.

Its detailed sound, expansive soundstage, and analytical presentation make it suitable for critical listening, gaming, and studio work.

While the Sennheiser HD560S offers a commendable sound quality, its potential dullness in some scenarios may prompt users to seek alternative options in the long run, which has been observed across Sennheiser’s 500 series models.

Final Verdict

The AKG K702 is recommended as the jack of all trades headphone due to its ability to excel in various applications, including gaming, critical listening, and mixing.

Its analytical yet engaging sound signature, along with its wide genre compatibility, makes it a solid choice for anyone seeking high-quality headphones for diverse purposes.

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