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How To Increase Gain In FL Studio – 2 Ways!

by Stuart Charles Black
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Adjusting the gain inside FL Studio is rather simple, but if you’re new, one of its locations can be a little hidden. You can also “normalize” the audio in Edison which raises the gain automatically by a set amount.

Let’s take a look at both ways.

Edison Method

I record in both Edison and right into the Playlist. If you’re semi-new, it doesn’t really matter as you can edit it either way. 

From the playlist, just left-click the top left corner > Edit sample. This will bring it up in Edison.

If you recorded the sample in Edison, just drag it to the Playlist when you’re ready to make a song.

To raise the gain in Edison, just hit the normalize button.

This is the easiest way, but manually doing it gives you more control.

Playlist Method

For that, head up to the “Show fade editing controls” near the top where you see “Track 1.”

Now just click to toggle it on.

From here, hover over the bottom of your clip and you’ll notice the mouse pointer change into a hand with a semi-circle appearing. Now just raise or lower it how you want!

Pretty neat. This can be a lifesaver if, for instance, you had the levels set on your audio interface for a specific mic and forgot to adjust the gain back up when using a different one.

It just happened to me the other day, thus why I’m making this quick guide.

Well, that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this short and sweet guide on how to increase gain in FL Studio and gained some valuable insight.

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