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Hey guys, Stu pickles here again. Or Xtr@Ba$eHitZ. Or whatever you want to call me is fine. 😀

I’m here today to discuss the topic of BEATS. Or, where can i buy hip hop beats? Yeah. We all love them, but few know how to hit your soul like my beats do. Haha. Well I’m exaggerating a little. But I really do enjoy making them.

It’s been a passion of mine for Almost 8 years. Why do I love them so much?

It’s easy, they move my spirit like few other things can, and give me chills. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you feel the same way.

You’re not like other people though. You are probably pretty dang serious about making music if you’ve gotten this far. And I applaud you for that, because not everyone is like you.

There are some people who expect handouts in the hip-hop scene. And I want to discuss that today a little more in depth.


First off, I’ve gotten approached probably hundreds of times online about my beats. Most people will not get back to you even if you give them free stuff.

HUH? You may be saying: But that doesn’t really make sense Stu. They acted interested to the point of basically begging for the beat!

Yes I know, but you see some people want to further their own careers and not help you in the process. As soon as you mention $, they all vanish like cockroaches.

I used to be bitter about it. But I learned that it’s part of the scene. Most of these people will not stick around for long. That sounds harsh but it’s the truth. If you’re serious about your music you will have a few things:

  1. A decent mic (WITH A POP FILTER)
  2. A good sound card (An Audio Interface, not your computers card)
  3. A good computer
  4. Good Studio Monitors
  5. A good sequencer

Some of the guys I have worked with in the past did NOT have these things, and their track suffered because of it. To me it was insulting. Here I am giving you free stuff and you repay me with THAT garbage?

It’s not that they didn’t have good content or a good flow. Quite the contrary. They had great ideas and concepts, but their sound quality was awful.

I have also worked with people who do value quality, and it shows. I really respect those people a great deal. I take pride in how my music sounds, and when someone equally as passionate about it collaborates with me, it’s a great confidence boost.

Free handouts

There is nothing wrong with giving out free beats. In fact, all of mine currently are buy one get one free. They can also be had for a great price. The non-exclusives are $19.95


The funny thing is, I’ve been approached lately by a few different people that seemed to be really interested in hopping on a few of these. As soon as I outlined my prices, (OFFERING THEM A FREE BEAT), I got no response back 😛

That’s crazy to me. But I don’t let it get to me anymore. I’m starting to realize that it’s a numbers game, sort of like online dating. You can’t bank on one person, and you can’t let it get you down.

We must keep it moving

Which is my motto for 2015.

To close I’d like to use some analogies

Many people don’t want to pay for beats and support their fellow artist. I’ve never understood why. If you don’t have the money, that’s fine, but kind of BS in a way. You pay for all kinds of other stuff, which leads me to my point:

  1. I wouldn’t walk into a grocery store expecting free food
  2. I wouldn’t try to order a cake over the phone without inquiring about the price
  3. I certainly wouldn’t walk into a restaurant without my wallet
  4. I don’t go to the doctors office expecting a free check up
  5. I wouldn’t NOT have my credit card info ready if I was going to buy something online

The list really does go on forever. 😛 But why is it when you’re trying to sell something that you worked hard on, it’s suddenly an issue? This goes for paintings and graphic design work as well. I do both. And I can’t stand when people try to low ball me, or get something for free. That’s my time and resources pal! 😀 I heard a great quote recently in an email I received about commissioning paintings (which can also be applied to beats).

“If you like what I do, this is what I charge. If you don’t want to pay it, you don’t have to buy it.”

That person imparted on me to never sell yourself short If you’re talented, you should market that talent. State your price and shut up. That is what I will do moving forward. I will continue to let my talent and hard-work speak for itself.

I thank you guys so much for reading. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to yell at me.. Feel free!!! 🙂 I really do look forward to speaking with you.

All the best and God Bless,



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