How to sample in FL studio | using the MPD 18!

Hi friend and Welcome! My how to sample in FL studio is going to be really simple today, as I’ll be outlining how to assign sounds/samples to the pads using the FPC. Short, sweet, and to the point. Before we get started, grab a snack, sit back and Relax because..

You’ve come to the right place!!

Step 1)

Open an FL studio project. You should already have your samples loaded and ready to go in the Fruity Slicer. If not, refer to this handy dandy tutorial on How to sample in FL Studio from youtube!

Step 2)

Go to Channels —> Add One —> FPC. Make sure your Fruity Slicer is also up. If it’s not, then hit F6, and click on the button to the left that contains your sample (It should read the song name).

(something to note: sometimes your Fruity Slicer and FPC do not want to be open at the same time for whatever reason. My remedy for this is to delete the FPC channel and open a new one. It fixes the problem).

Step 3)

With your FPC open, click on one of the 16 pads with your mouse. Go up to where it says “Delete” in the dialog box (next to “Create”, under 2 knobs that are under the words “Content Library”. Delete all the factory sounds from that pad.

 Step 4)

Do this for all 16 pads. Some pads will contain more sounds than others. Make sure they’re all deleted.

Step 5)

These next steps must be done in this EXACT order, or FL Studio will crash and you will lose all your projects and all your data and all of your sound banks and you will never ever be able to make another beat ever again for the rest of eternity.

HAHA Just kidding. Here are the steps:

  1. Your Fruity Slicer will have a bunch of red lines in it. These are your samples! Click inside one of them.
  2. With your mouse, click one of the pads on the FPC.
  3. Now physically tap the same pad with your index finger in real time.
  4. Under where it says “Slice 1” (above the box with the red lines) drag the sample and drop it over the pad you just hit.
  5. In the upper right hand corner of your FPC dialog box it will say “Midi Note” and then whatever key you’re in next to that (D#3) for example.
  6. Click that key, and a big effing rectangular box will pop up.
  7. Go all the way to the left and click where it says “Last Hit (D#3) or whatever key you’re in.
  8. Now your sample is assigned!!

It really is as simple as that. Use this same method for the rest of your samples.

Another tip: If you’re specifically using the MPD18, click the “Full Level” button near the top. This will make hitting the same sample on your pad easier and more responsive.

Well that’s about it for today my friend! If you guys have any specific questions or comments about how to sample in FL studio, leave them in the box below or Contact me! I’m always open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Anywho, thanks for reading!!

All the best and God bless,



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