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How To Disable The Waiting For Input Function In FL Studio

by Stuart Charles Black
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If you’ve ever been having the time of your life inside FL Studio and, in your excitement, accidentally pressed a button or grazed a key on your keyboard which seemingly ruined your life and caused cancer, I know how it feels.

In the past, I would have started panicking while simultaneously spamming the Control + Z function like my life depended on it, but I’ve moved past that… a little.

I still freak out and unnecessarily mash lots of buttons thinking my beat has just vanished into the abyss, but fortunately, we have search engines to solve most of our problems nowadays.

Heck, it’s why you landed on this page, right?

Accidentally enabling the “Waiting for input” inside FL Studio is something that can easily be fixed, even if, like me, you had no idea it somehow got triggered. It’s also useful in other scenarios, and we’ll go over what it does later.

The problem with this function is that, since you don’t know you enabled it, trying to press play and resume your work results in nothing happening. Scary. Very scary indeed. 

The funniest part is that I somehow enabled it from my keyboard, and the odds of that accidentally happening are very low.

If you’ve done the same thing, or it happened a different way, don’t panic.

Just hit Control/Cmd + I, or simply head up to the top of FL and have a look to the immediate right of the Metronome (Control + M) and just press it to disable.

It’s that easy!

What Is The Waiting For Input Function?

In FL Studio, the “Waiting for input” function refers to a feature that allows you to assign MIDI controls or parameters to hardware controllers or MIDI devices.

When enabled, FL Studio waits for MIDI input from your controller, such as a MIDI keyboard or MIDI controller, before assigning the selected control or parameter to that MIDI input.

This feature streamlines the process of mapping MIDI controls to software parameters, making it easier for users to customize their workflow and control various aspects of their music production directly from their hardware devices.

Well, that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this short discussion on the Waiting for Input feature in FL Studio and came away with some valuable insight.

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