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AKG K52 vs. K92

by Stuart Charles Black

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Similarities & Differences


  • Both have the hammock headband adjustment, which auto-adjusts to the size of your head without you having to fiddle with anything.
  • Both are Circumaural and fit over your ear.
  • Both are Closed back. Closed back vs. Open back headphones.
  • Both have replaceable ear-pads.
  • Neither have detachable cables.
  • Both headphones excel best in an isolated studio environment. However, since both are closed, they can be used on the go as a casual headphone without disturbing others as well.
  • Both have very good Soundstage for a closed back. What is Soundstage?
  • Both terminate in a 3.5mm jack and come with a 1/4″ adapter.
  • Both will work fairly well with all genres.
  • Neither will need a headphone amp to sound their best. How to choose a headphone amp!
  • Bass. Both have a similar bass according to graphs. I found the K52’s to be fairly tight, balanced, and well defined without having too much roll-off like the K240 Studio. However, neither are a bass heads headphones specifically. Learn more: AKG K240 Studio Review.


  • Driver. The drivers are different on both. What is a headphone driver? The K92’s driver has a small hole in the front and a vent hole in the back while the K52’s does not. Taping off that vent hole results in a considerably better sound. It improves the mid-range in that it’s not as harsh, but also results in a loss of treble detail. That said, both have 40mm drivers.
  • Treble. The treble on the K52 is less harsh/sibilant than the K92. The K92’s has a pretty rough peak at around 5-7kHz. What does Sibilant mean?
  • Mid-range. The mid-range on the K92 isn’t as prominent, and vocals/instruments do suffer as a result. The K52’s are a bit more forward in this regard. I found them to be very revealing, crisp, and accurate.

Aside from that, these are markedly similar headphones with almost identical frequency response. While I enjoyed the sound of the K52, I think there are better options around this price range.

Final Word

In this price range there are a few open-backed options to consider:

  1. The AKG K240. Fantastic mid-range, great overall clarity, good comfort factor, but the build is questionable.
  2. The Samson SR850. Same as above, with a bit more solid of a build.
  3. The Sennheiser HD558. Same as above, with pristine comfort and a pretty good build. Better than both of the above mentioned.
  4. Grado SR80e. More of a fun listen, with added bass emphasis and an alarmingly revealing character. The build is questionable but will suffice, and comfort is good (the 80e’s have the S cushions). Learn more: The best Grado headphones!
  5. The Philips SHP9500. The best out of the lot. A bit bulkier, but feels extremely solid in your hand, with some small features that make it stand out: Right and Left indicators on the outside of the vent in big block letters and the headband adjustment features a window for easy matching on both sides. The sound is near impeccable, and comparable to an HD600. In fact, it may be better than the Gold Standard.


Looking for a closed-back?

As for a closed-back, the K52 is pretty good (gets mixed reviews) but there’s something better on the horizon: The Sony MDR V6. This is my go-to entry-level closed-back and for good reason. It’s stood the test of time (made in the ’80s) and has a remarkable sound signature in addition to being very comfortable and durable. While the K52 may feel a bit flimsy in the hand, the V6 certainly does not. Many folks complained about the K52’s long and cumbersome cable. With the V6, you’re getting a fairly compact coiled version, and it does fantastic in the studio as well as on the go. Interested in learning more about the V6?


Well, that’s about it for today folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this AKG K52 vs. K92 comparison.

What do you think about these? The 9500? V6? Let me know!!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Let me know in the comments below or contact me!! I would love to hear from you..

Until then, all the best and God bless..





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