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by Stuart Charles Black

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What I will bring you in this comparison

Today will be short, sweet, and to the point, as there aren’t a whole heap of differences between these two buddies. Recommendation towards the end. 🙂


I got a chance to demo the QC35 on numerous occasions, and I really like the sound. Don’t let the snobs and audiophiles fool you. It’s a great sound that possesses many of the same qualities as a fairly balanced professional headphone, but isn’t quite equal to a pro studio headphone.

The reason is because the while the sound is crisp and has a nice mid-range focus, there are still details missing that you’ll get with true audiophile sound. I think the bass may have something to do with this. It’s not a bass-head experience by any means, but the bass is heavier than a true studio headphone, and thus gets in the way a little bit.

This is strictly my opinion, but I think you will agree upon listening. That said, build quality and comfort are both exemplary, as the QC35 basically disappears on your head. I really don’t think there’s another headphone that’s more comfortable as far as my own experience. The HD600 comes close, but the clamp pressure is tighter at first. Learn more: Sennheiser HD600 Review. Something like an HD 558 is pretty comparable to the 35. Learn more: Sennheiser HD 558.

By now you may be wondering how the QC35 II stacks up. Let’s find out!


  • Both have an identical design, form, and aesthetic.
  • Both have the same noise cancelling features and quality.
  • Both are identical in sound.
  • Both come with a short cable for charging and a long one for listening.
  • Both have the same button placement.
  • Both have are built the same.
  • Both have protein leather ear-cups with alcantara for the headband.
  • Both are made primarily of glass filled nylon and stainless steel.
  • Both weigh 8.3 oz.
  • Both use a micro USB to charge.
  • Both have a 20 hour battery life.
  • Both are the same price.


  • Bose updated the carrying case by removing the stitched logo and replacing it with a sticker logo.
  • The QC35 II’s no longer come with an airline adapter.
  • The Magic Button. The QC35 II’s added a button that allows you to interact with Google Assistant. This is basically Google’s version of “Siri” that comes with the iPhone. So just press the button, ask a question, and get an answer homie! You can also ask the assistant to play songs and stuff. The button will work with iPhones as well. With an iPhone, you were able to do those same things with the original QC35. All you had to do was press and hold the middle button, while asking the same sorts of questions. You can do quite a lot with it regardless. What the Assistant button does that the regular button doesn’t is it allows you to literally take a call without touching your phone, which is extremely convenient. It’s also the epitome of lazy, but that’s another story. 😀
  • The QC35 II’s noise cancelling features work in both wired and wireless mode, a feature absent with the original model. How do noise cancelling headphones work?

The only real difference is the Google Assistant button. You could simply press and hold the middle button down on the QC35 II and still get Siri or Google voice (Bixby). I don’t really see a reason to buy the QC35 II other than that reason alone. I would just go with the original.

You don’t have to use the extra button specifically for assistant. If you still want to use it, you can reassign it to scroll through the various noise cancelling levels.

Final Word

I loved the sound of the QC35, and if I was in the market for something like that, I would likely jump all over it. It’s got a great sound, perfect comfort, and phenomenal build. Interested in learning more?




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Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve gotten some valuable information out of this Bose QC35 vs. QC35 II comparison!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Did I miss the mark on something? Please let me know down below or Contact me!

Which of these tickles YOUR pickle? Is this baby worth the investment? I would love to hear from you! Until next time..

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