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ATR2500 vs. AT2020 – Which Audio Technica Is Worth It?

by Stuart Charles Black
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The Audio Technica line of microphones has garnered a great reputation for being pretty reliable.

You won’t find too many bad things said about them, and they record pretty darn clean, but they’re also very rugged and sturdy for the most part.

The AT2020 is no exception.

It’s a great entry-level unit, and as far as XLR mics go, pretty much takes the cake as an overall safest buy if you’re just starting out and know very little about mics. What is XLR?

The USB version is also pretty phenomenal, and some say it gives off that same XLR quality even despite its plug-and-play protocol.

I’ve read some troubling things about the ATR2500, which is disappointing because it’s made by the same company.

I suppose you could consider it the black sheep of the family.

Well, that’s taking it a bit far, but is it worth a recommendation?

Let’s find out.

Audio Technica ATR2500

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If there’s one thing that you need to know right off the bat about the ATR2500, it’s that the mic stand is horrendous.

Should you purchase it, please get a separate one. Lol.

Another common complaint was that the build quality is a bit suspect. Many said the mic seemed pretty cheaply made, with a lot of plastic that is prone to breaking.

Even so, it does have elements of aluminum which is a plus. A few chaps pointed out that theirs came with scratches though, so be wary.

The audio quality is actually quite good, all things considered. It does pick up a lot of background noise, so Acoustic Sound Treatment is ideal.

Being that this mic is a condenser, you shouldn’t be all too surprised by this fact. Condensers in general tend to pick up more noise than dynamics. Condenser mic vs. Dynamic mic.

One last thing of concern was the connector jack and plug itself. Neither is very durable and will most likely end up giving you connection problems.


  • Sturdy mic. Good build.
  • Neutral sound, and good audio quality.


  • Problems with popping/static/buzz after some time using the mic.
  • Bad odor accompanies the mic.
  • Bad tripod stand. A separate stand is mandatory.
  • You may have to shout for it to pick up your voice.
  • The chord doesn’t sit securely. The port that plugs into the mic may break. Overall, people really complained about this as well.
  • May not work with Windows 7 64x Home premium specifically. Some were saying it has issues in Windows 8 as well.

Similarities & Differences


  • Both are USB mics, made by the same company, with a similar look and feel.
  • Both are pretty rugged and durable.
  • Both stands are notorious for being awful. You will want to invest in a separate stand regardless.
  • Both have a pretty neutral sound signature overall.
  • Both the ATR2500 and 2020 (Plus version) have headphone jacks for live no-latency monitoring. What is latency? However, a lot of people are saying the 2500’s claim of no latency is a bit misleading, as there is a small delay. The regular 2020 does not have any onboard features.


  • The AT2020 is very versatile, you can record just about anything with it. The ATR2500 is meant for voice-over and doesn’t do well in any other application.
  • The 2500 has a volume control on the front, while the AT2020 does not.
  • The 2020 (plus) has a switch for monitoring from the computer or headphones. The 2500 does not.

Final Word

I would definitely recommend the AT2020 over the 2500, as the 2500 has some major potential problems.

I used an AT2020 for quite a while and really enjoyed it. It’s rugged, durable, and records well – with a warm-ish, radio broadcast type of tone.

My other recommendation in the entry-level category is a Yeti.

It’s a lot more versatile than the AT2020 and records a bit cleaner.

This is to say that it does sound more sterile and crisp, but I think its features are what set it apart from other microphones in this price range.

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