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Cheap hip hop beats for sale | A word on good folks!

by Stuart Charles Black
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What’s up fellas and ladies

I’ve been pushing these beats hard lately, and usually have a story about someone who’s come to me wanting beats but doesn’t want to pay. Well I have another one of those today, but I also have a really good story that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also want to mention that I have around 50 cheap hip hop beats for sale.

They can be found here.

The first bit is about a friend I’ve made just recently on soundcloud. A dope lyricist/emcee that goes by the name of Gmakin.

Gmakin is special. Why? Because he’s true to his word. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. In fact, sometimes he won’t even say anything! He’ll just do it, and you will find out months later. That is what happened to me when I was perusing his tracks one day. I came across a beat that I had sent him in September or thereabouts.

[You have to understand something here. I am so used to people NOT coming through, that when someone finally does, it’s like a huge shock to my system.]

**You can tell this guy is very passionate about his music because he’s always dropping tracks and collaborating with people. He’s not one to talk about rapping. He’s a person that simply gets it done instead, and that’s what I respect most.**

Back to the beat

So i’m sifting through his material minding my own business, and suddenly I see my name: “prod. by XBH”. I’m like eeeeewhaaaaaaaa!?! Sort of like Homer Simpson. Lmao.

The funny part is, he didn’t even tell me he was going to do it. I sent it to him, didn’t get a response, and kind of just forgot about it.

As a side note, I have learned not to dwell on rejection anymore, because it happens in all forms – Whether that means being turned down for a job, women (or men) ignoring us, or beatmakers, emcees and the like that don’t get back to us. It’s really not a big deal to me at this point in my life. I know I’m talented, and as long as I continue to progress and develop, the rest will fall into place.


So I play the beat, find out the track got some love, and get one of those big ‘ol confidence boosts. It was a good feeling. I sent him a few other tracks and low and behold, He does another one!

At this point I’m like Wow, that was the fastest anyone’s ever gotten back to me, and I mean ever. I’ve worked with a handful of artists over the years and none have been as serious about rapping. They either

  1. Take forever
  2. Never do the track

I’m glad to have crossed paths with Gmakin, and hope to continue to work with him in the future.

Now for another funny story..

So this guy messages me on soundcloud saying: “hey man i love your work, id love to collab with u, lmk” (let me know)

Me: “What’s up man, what beats did you have in mind?”

Mind you, this guy should already know that I charge. It’s plastered all over my soundcloud profile, and there are two links to websites with beats .. wait for it.. that are PRICED (cheaply I might add).

Yet, this is how the conversation went:

Him: could you make me some

At this point I’m kinda just like, “Huh?”

Me: I have 120 on my site lol, what kind of beat fam

Him: lol, ok like boom bap, jazzy, mac miller/mf doom

Me: have a sample in mind? check my tracks stuartblacktheartist.com

He goes on to list 6 beats that he’s “interested” in. So I add up the prices and it comes out to $80 (one of them was a free DL on my page, so I was even including a free beat PLUS they are all discounted at buy one get one free.

So 5 beats = $80 (10 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 20)

I offered them for $50, AND was willing to zip him high quality WAV files (which are priced higher on my site).

No response.

Let’s recap:

  • he came to me first
  • he specifically said what beats he wanted
  • prices are plastered all over my page
  • offered him a free beat
  • beats discounted (so technically he’s getting 3 free)
  • offered to zip all WAV files

Am I living inside some kind of matrix? 😛

Again, it’s okay because honestly, I did not expect him to respond back. If he does then I will gladly eat my sock. The whole vibe of the exchange felt like he wanted them all free, which I just can’t do anymore.


I will say it again until I’m blue in the face:

The majority of people will never get back to you, even if you give them something for free

It’s just a fact of life.

Thanks for reading guys!! Hope you enjoyed my diatribe about cheap hip hop beats for sale.. If you have any tips on better business practices, please do not hesitate to chew me out in the comments. Perhaps I am doing something wrong! I am always open to suggestions and/or criticism.

All the best and God bless,



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Hassan February 17, 2015 - 7:46 pm

Hi Stu, I do not know how I come across this, but this rings a chord with me. People expect you to do them a favour, and when you do, they want more. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Unbelievable. I just want to add that you have to eat, so it is reasonable you charge something for your work. Keep it up, and best of luck

Stu February 17, 2015 - 7:48 pm

Thanks Hassan! It is true. Especially since I have bills and stuff to pay for monthly, (rent, groceries, etc.) Plus I pay to have my tracks mastered.. So I expect people to pay for my beats if they want to use them!
Thanks again for stopping by

Claire February 17, 2015 - 7:58 pm

Hi Stu, enjoyed reading this, thank you!
All good things come to those who focus fully on their passion, and like you say, the rest will fall in to place.
Best of luck to you!

Stu February 17, 2015 - 7:59 pm

Thanks Claire!! Your comment means a lot to me.. All the best to you as well..

A. Marc February 17, 2015 - 10:21 pm

What’s going on Stu?
Cool to hear that G Makin story, and yes it is far better to walk in silence and act than to talk about one’s plans. It just takes the energy out of it, and you don’t want that to happen. As for the second story, just let it fly man. The industry and the internet has lead us for the most part to have free access to music. Some people have a hard time understanding that material, time, effort and creativity have a price tag yet they pay for concerts…go figure.

Stu February 17, 2015 - 10:24 pm

Very true man, thanks for the comment. Since the start of the year I’ve just been letting stuff roll off my back (for the most part). I can feel the transformation daily. Keep in touch my man


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