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How To Save And Load EQ Presets In FL Studio

by Stuart Charles Black
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Today’s tutorial is quick and will cover saving and loading presets inside FL Studio.

If you’ve ever sculpted a really nice EQ curve for a bass line, acoustic guitar, drum kick, snare, hi-hat, and basically any instrument, you may not want to waste time redoing it later.

Another example is let’s say you recorded a guitar take and didn’t quite like how the end/fade came out. And, after recording a separate track to finish the song, you’d like to match the EQ of both.

Fortunately, FL Studio makes it super easy to save and load presets like this so you can apply them wherever you want.

Let’s take a look:

First, make sure you’ve routed the instrument to the mixer.

To do that, hit F6 to bring up your channel rack, and have a gander at the left side where your “Target Mixer Track” is located. 

Now just left-click and scroll up or down to assign an instrument/vocal take to an insert.

As a side note, if you’re ever unsure of what something is called, FL Studio labels everything in the top left window near the File, Edit, and drop-down menus. Just hover over something and have a look there.

In any event, hit F9 to bring up your mixer. It goes without saying, but make sure you’ve actually EQd something first.

Here’s a super simple rough example of a basic Acoustic Guitar EQ:

Now, left-click the insert where the EQ is located. Now right-click> File > Save Mixer Track State As.

Name it whatever you want.

It’s saved!

Now whenever you want to use it, just right-click the same insert (see above) > Open Mixer Track State and select one. The beauty of it is that you can make and delete as many as you want.

Don’t like the one that you made? Just scrap it and start over.

Being able to tweak an existing preset and save it as something else is also great.

Well, that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this short and sweet guide on how to save and load EQ presets in FL Studio and gained some valuable insight.

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