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Comin’ at you today with another review, this time of the Numark Red Wave DJ mixing headphones..

When I think of Numark I generally think of turntables. I really had no idea that Numark headphones even existed, until today that is. Doing some turntable research I stumbled upon the Numark red wave dj mixing headphones, and decided to do a little research to see if they’re any good!

Here’s what I came up with


  • compact, fold-able, come with bag
  • metal adjustable bands
  • very solid multi-pivot points
  • clean mid-range and treble
  • durable cable, detachable


  • build quality isn’t that great, feels cheap, made almost entirely of plastic
  • not very comfortable
  • length of cable is great for DJing, not so great for easy listening (this can be remedied by buying an inexpensive shorter cable. One user mentioned that he bought a Griffin 3 ft. flat cable so he could listen with his iPhone).
  • listening at high volumes will expose the sound to those around you
  • leather causes your dome/ears to get sweaty
  • high end may start clipping at very high volumes, is very “tinny”
  • bass is overpowering and a bit muddy, lacks punch


  1. Some reviewers have mentioned that they thought the bass was too overpowering, muddy, muffled, etc. and didn’t like it at all. Other people said the exact opposite and thought it was clear and crisp. This is kind of a wash to me, but the negative outweighed the positive, so I put it as a con. 
  2. One reviewer commented that his headphones completely and systematically fell apart. Had to laugh a little on that one. Bummer dude. A few others commented that the materials felt cheap and they break down very easily.
  3. Some people say they are built pretty solidly, while others say they feel cheap and certain parts are prone to breaking.
  4. Some say they’re comfortable, others mention that they are a little tight.
  5. Two reviewers have mentioned screws falling out. No good.


Overall I would say that it’s a toss up whether or not these are really any good. Some reviewers love them, others hate them. There really isn’t much middle ground. One thing that’s consistent throughout the majority of reviews however is this:

They aren’t that durable.

Another thing to note is the bass. Most reviewers say it’s underwhelming and not a true representation of how it should sound. They also mention that it’s just too “in your face” and doesn’t sound crisp and clear, but rather muffled and somewhat muddy.

One final somewhat consistent gripe was comfort. Many complained that they are too tight and not conducive to prolonged use.

All that being said, I can’t recommend them. I can however give my top endorsement for DJ headphones. The Sennheiser HD25!!


That’s about it for today my friend! Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Numark Red Wave DJ mixing headphones!

If you have any more specific questions you’d like to ask, please feel free to leave them in the box below or Contact me! I very much look forward to speaking with you!

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Numark Red Wave DJ mixing headphones




Build Quality







  • clean mids and highs
  • compact and foldable
  • affordable


  • not durable, cheap
  • not comfortable
  • cable too long
  • bass overpowering and muddy

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