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  1. Similarities & Differences
  2. Final Word

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Similarities & Differences


  • Bass. Both of these headphones are bass “lean”, meaning the overall sound is light but digs very deep. That said, the K712’s bass digs a little deeper.
  • Space and clarity. Both are very good in this regard.
  • Type. Both are open back headphones. Closed back vs. Open back headphones.
  • Both have a detachable cable.
  • Both have a straight plug.
  • Both are circumaural (Over the ear).
  • Both have included ear-pads.
  • Both have 3m cables.
  • Both terminate in a 3.5mm jack.


  • Build. The K812 has more metal in it’s construction and therefore has a bit better build quality overall. It’s not night and day though.
  • Price. The K812 is AKG’s flagship model, but it may not deserve that accolade. I believe it to be overpriced, and the substantial increase in cost does not equate to a better headphone in this case. The K712 is much cheaper, but overall it’s a better buy.
  • Headband adjustment. The K712 uses AKG’s hammock headband auto adjust (what I like to call it :P). The K812 does not have this hammock style headband.
  • Treble. The K712’s treble is a bit sharper than the K812’s, and not as extended. This makes it more forgiving but less spacious and airy in presentation. The treble on the K812 is similar to that of an HD800. It’s easier on the ears than the 800, but still retains some of the same tizzy/tinny qualities that made the 800 harsh and grating in a lot of instances.
  • All around sound. The K712 does better as a good all around type of headphone, while the K812 is a bit flat and soft sounding at times.
  • Frequency Response. The K712 goes from 10Hz – 39,800kHz, while the K812 goes from 5Hz – 54,000kHz.
  • Weight. The K712 is 235g vs. 390g for the K812.
  • Impedance. The K712 has a 62 Ohm impedance vs. 36 Ohms for the K812. What is Headphone Impedance?
  • SPL. The K712 has a 105dB/mw Sound pressure level vs. the 110dB/mW for the 812. What is Sensitivity in Headphones?
  • Case. The K712 comes with a case while the 812 does not.

Final Word

The K712 is a great headphone, but with the bass mod the Q701 is almost identical, and a lot cheaper to boot. I wouldn’t bother with the K812 though, as it’s much too expensive and not at all worth the asking price even though it’s a good headphone.

If you are the adventurous type and don’t mind a little bit of a challenge, the Q701 mod will save you a lot of money. When modded, it’s almost identical to the K712.


If you’re looking for the absolute best mixing/reference headphone in it’s class or otherwise, my top recommendation is the Sennheiser HD 600. It’s about as flat and neutral as it gets overall, and serves as a benchmark for which all other headphones should be compared. It’s been called the Gold Standard, a Genre master, and perhaps the best price to performance ratio out there. A+ numbah one headphone!


Well that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this AKG K712 vs. K812 comparison.

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What do you think about these? Which is worth the investment? I would love to hear from you! Until next time..

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