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Is the 6XX identical to the 650? How does it compare to the original 600? Why are you talking about this headphone yet AGAIN?! All of these answers and more, comin’ up…

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No, the 6XX is not identical to the 650, and now I have verifiable proof. Shout out to José Pedro for his wonderful comment on my first HD6XX video: Let’s take a gander:


Happy New year Stu!. I hope that you are doing well. I guess that you know that issued recently the results of the tests of the Sennheiser 6xx. Unsurprisingly it scores very high…but surprisingly the results are different from the HD650, concluding that they are not exactly the same Headphones. So once more it was proved that you are a pioneer, my friend!. You were the only one among all reviewers who always said that the sound profile of the 6xxs was not identical to the HD650 :-). José Pedro

Unquote, and it’s not.

Video Discussion #1

Video Discussion #2

Thank you, José. Absolutely correct. No matter what you think about the graph, it still proves that they are NOT identical. People have been trying to argue with me about this since I first dropped the original shootout video, but guess what, they’re wrong! So anyone who tells you that the HD6XX is identical to the HD650 is LYING!


Original Shootout

I’ll say it again and keep saying it: The 6XX does not sound like the 650. It’s not a repackaged 650. It’s not identical to the 650, and it’s not a re-branded 650. It’s a headphone that stands on its own and sounds markedly different. To me, it’s a perfect balance between the too forward 600, and the too syrupy/laid back 650.

I thought this was pretty obvious when I demoed it.

The 650 tends to be too smoothed over and warm. I likened the comparison of the 600 vs. 650 to be similar to the analogy of wood vs. sanded wood. The 650 sounds like wood feels after it’s been sanded and polished.

The 600 is a raw piece of wood without any added enhancements. It can be fairly rough around the edges; at least in comparison to the 650.

The 6XX sits squarely in the middle of those 2 things, but probably leans more towards the sound of the HD600 – snappy, lively, and crisp. The 650 is clearly the most laid back of the 3 and tends to sound significantly warmer.

RTINGS’ graph backs this up, as Jose kindly pointed out to me.

Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD6XX

That really can’t be debated unless you believe the graphs are completely wrong, but the fact of the matter is that they’re not. It’s pretty much exactly how the headphones sound (as far as the overall frequency response) and few people would argue with you on it.

The main point of this article is that I get tired of people claiming that they’re identical when they’re clearly not. This has been going on since I first came out with the shootout video 2 years ago in 2019 before I even saw a single HD6XX measurement, and it’s almost become a meme now.

The problem with this hobby is that people tend to parrot and repeat what others say without having a real stance of their own on anything. This is what keeps reviewers safe in their little bubbles, never hot or cold about a topic, always lukewarm so as not to disturb the status quo and potentially get ridiculed for anything they say.

It also points to the fact that people don’t actually know how to hear frequencies and discrepancies within the audible range; certainly, a byproduct of shilling products, not having mixed a single track in their entire life, and not understanding how EQ works on a fundamental, rudimentary level.

If it sounds like I’m irked, I am. I’m tired of the deception and flat-out lies that go on in this hobby, and I’ll continue to speak out about it because it needs to be addressed. Everything from the DSD/high PCM scam, to the Amp/DAC circle jerk wank fest, to people placing way too much emphasis and importance on things that are in reality very trivial, to the constant flavor of the week product shilling and hype trains, to anything in between.

I don’t think enough reviewers go out on a limb and say exactly what they feel, regardless of who’s going to like it or not. I’m not claiming to be perfect, but I’ve always given my opinion and made clear exactly where I’m coming from.

This article is no different.

With that, check out the next article in the before you buy series. I know it will help you out immensely on your journey.


Well, that’s about it for today my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion/review on the HD6XX and are now aware that it is not identical to the 650!

Would you purchase one? I would love to hear your thoughts. Until next time…

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Sennheiser HD6XX






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  • Perfect sound
  • Perfect build
  • Perfect comfort
  • Perfect imaging
  • All parts replaceable


  • Sometimes lacks energy

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