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  1. Similarities & Differences
  2. Final Word

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Similarities & Differences


  • Both have a 3m coiled cable.
  • Both are closed back headphones that isolate sound. Closed back vs. Open back headphones.
  • Both have the same Right and Left indicators on each side of the ear-cup.
  • Bright/Detailed. I’ve found through personal experience that both of these headphones are very treble happy and can sometimes become harsh, strident, or sibilant. What does Sibilant mean? The sound is extremely detailed, revealing and crisp, but that same advantage can sometimes become a detriment, especially at louder listening levels. I’ve found that they both can become fatiguing, and you may need frequent breaks.
  • Fold. Both can be collapsed to fit in the carrying case, but the ear-cups on both cannot be rotated or laid flat to be placed on a table for instance.
  • Impedance. Neither needs an amp to reach full potential. How to choose a headphone amp!
  • Both have a nearly identical SPL? What is SPL?
  • Both have 40mm drivers. What is a Headphone Driver?
  • Both have a straight plug terminating in a 3.5mm jack with a 1/4″ adapter.
  • Both have travel bags.


  • Build. The 440’s are almost unanimously known for breaking down over time. The 7506’s are pretty indestructible, but the ear-pads have a tendency to peel and crack, as well as come completely off! This was the only thing that I didn’t like, as the sound is pretty incredible especially for an entry level unit. Keep in mind the pads can be replaced and they can also be put back on with a little elbow grease. So in my mind they’re still worth it because of their longevity and trusted studio sound.
  • Size/Weight. The 440’s are bulkier than the 7506’s. They also weigh more: 272g vs. 230g.
  • Comfort. The comfort of the 440’s is a bit more tolerable over longer listening sessions, while the 7506’s do have a tendency to hurt your ears after awhile.
  • Detachable cable. The 440’s come with a detachable cable while the 7506’s do not.
  • Bass. The bass digs deeper on the 7506, but comes through with more clarity on the 440. Think of the 440 as more bass lean while the 7506 has more impact with less clarity.

Final Word

I like both of these headphones, but I like the MDR V6 a lot better. The MDR 7506’s big brother is the better of the two in my opinion. It’s got more of an even response, and the treble to me is not nearly as fatiguing. It’s got a proven track record for over 3 decades, and remains the absolute best entry level closed back headphone you can buy. Interested in learning more about it?


Still interested in the 7506’s?


The 440’s?


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