The Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

Updated 11/25/18

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The Best

Audio Technica ATH AD900x


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Build Quality

The Build of the 900x is a bit on the flimsy side, but they don’t necessarily feel cheap. They are all plastic, and a tad bulky though it won’t be an issue comfort wise. These are famous for their winged headband tips, which should be accompanied with the rubber band mod, which basically looks like this:

This keeps the tips from sliding down your head. Not sure what they were thinking, as they don’t really do much of anything in a positive way. Lol.

Pads are made of velour I believe, and don’t seem to be prone to breaking down but will likely flatten out over time. This is to be expected.

Build Quality Score: B+

I don’t think they’ll ever give you any trouble in regards to build, but you may be underwhelmed when you put them in your hand.

Onwards to Comfort!


Comfort is fine with the rubber band mod in place. Without it, these suffer quite a bit. The headphone will simply slide down gradually until the wings are resting on top of your ear lobes. This is especially uncomfortable after prolonged periods. Use the rubber band mod to avoid this glaring flaw with the headphone itself.

Other than that, they are nice and light, which renders them great for long gaming and music listening sessions. The clamp force is just right, and the ear pads themselves don’t dig into your head.

They also don’t require any sort of adjustment in regards to a traditional headband mechanism.

Just throw them on your dome holmes!



Overall these provide a balanced, revealing, and detailed sound signature.


The bass is a bit rolled off and will be problematic for some. For Gaming however, these are perfect because of that very reason.

Why is that you ask?

Because I said so!

Just kidding. Lol.

No. It’s because the bass won’t get in the way of the other frequencies, similar to something like my beloved Philips SHP9500 which I consider top dog in the budget category. Learn more: Philips SHP9500 Review!


Fantastic Mid-range. Very detail oriented and crisp sounding and forward.


For me there was a bit too much bite to the treble. It can kind of sound a tad shrill at times, with a metallic sort of hue that isn’t a deal breaker, but is noticeable.


The bass roll off will bother some, and the treble can be too bright sometimes. All in all a great headphone for clinical, critical listening, and perfect for Gaming situations in which small subtle things need to be heard and felt.


Fantastic Imaging.

Good 3-D soundscape and very good Soundstage. What is Soundstage?

Sounds are heard in all directions. Perfect for Gaming.



No amp needed, although you may benefit from one.

Some helpful links:

Genre Pairing

Stick to lighter genres like Jazz, Classical, Folk, Acoustic.

You can also use these with Rock and Metal as they will be very revealing and provide some nice crunch.

I wouldn’t rely on these for bass heavier genres like Rap, Hip-Hop, and EDM, but listening to those isn’t entirely out of the question. I don’t really like too much bass nowadays, but your mileage may vary.

I think what sets a headphone like this apart is detail retrieval. If you’re a bass head like I was, you may fall in love with this type of sound signature simply because it provides so much extra that you were missing out on before.

Final Grade

I would give this bad boy a B+. Definitely not a perfect headphone, but perfect for Gaming?

Absolutely my friend.

Final Word


Check out my review which was written back when I demoed these:


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