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This page will be dedicated to all those I’ve worked with in the past and present and will include personal notes and memories from each collaboration.

LakehousE feat. CodE Immaculate – Doctor (prod. Xtr@Ba$eHitZ)

I started working at Strawbridge Studios in February 2015 and met some really cool people. One was Eric Lake, a really dope emcee and gifted individual. We got to talking about hip-hop one day and I mentioned to him that I had a Soundcloud. He asked to listen to some of my beats and seemed to like them a lot. It wasn’t until months down the road that he wanted to collaborate and asked me if I would send him some stuff. So I did and he ended up using quite a few of my beats. He also features CodE on a lot of them. I really dig both of their styles and very much look forward to working with them in the future. Here is the first beat they spit on. It’s really had a profound effect on me. Hope you enjoy!

Sixth Echelon x Stu Pickles – Chinatown bump

Another heavenly loop, this time courtesy of Sixth Echelon. He and I were following each other on Soundcloud for a while before he sent me this sample. Needless to say, it completely blew me away. I remember vividly listening to the loop for at least an hour or 2 straight before emailing him back. Being that there is so much nuance and interesting sound, I didn’t want my drums to overpower the sample. My goal was to keep it as simple as possible while enhancing the experience overall. This is one of my favorite collaborations hands down.

The funny part about it is that I had sampled it years back, but became completely immersed in the sound yet again. It just goes to show how powerful some of these old records are, and what they can do to you. I hope to collaborate with Sixth again in the future.

TEC x Stu Pickles (Xtr@Ba$eHitZ) – MF Musical

TEC and Stu link up for a hard-hitting track feat. MF Doom. I can’t take much credit for this, it was really all TEC & Doom. I looped that .25c dope ass sample and he did the rest. It was a sample that had been on my spirit for a long time. I tried numerous times collaborating with others on it and it just never panned out. I had this vision in my head of how I wanted it to sound, but couldn’t find anyone who was feeling it as much as me.. Until..

One day I was on Soundcloud and was perusing TEC’s tracks. We had talked before, but something came over me and I just randomly went through his work again. He has a really esoteric, abstract, and brilliant style. I immediately knew this was fate. I sent the loop to him and I believe within a couple of days he was finished and had sent it back to me. To me, it’s just sublime.. Enjoy!!

(this is a re-upload)

Jay C – Heavenly Flow (prod. Xtr@Ba$eHitZ)

Personal notes and memories from this collab coming soon!

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TOM EP November 30, 2018 - 5:27 am

Dope. What a find. I had no idea. I’ve been talkin’ to you for a few months now, had no clue about your extracurricular activities … i.e. YOUR BLOG/SITE! Because now I see you’re a producer first THEN production advice/knowledge guy 2nd!!!! lol. These beats/instrumentals/tracks are great, they sound fresh. The actual rappers are pretty good, too. I’m an MF Doom long time listener and lover. I appreciate this music, timeless, bro!

Stuart Charles Black November 30, 2018 - 6:37 pm

Thanks man! There will definitely be more collabs and tracks coming. I have some new beats on the way as well. I really appreciate you stopping by. I may try to sell some beats again in the future, but I’ve always done it for the love and don’t see that changing. Definitely stick around man and let me know if you need a hand. Those guys I collaborated with are real cool. Everyone’s been busy lately but I hope to work with them again in the future. I have more stuff I need to put on here from them.


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