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"Just wanted to let you know that I held off on buying a pair of cans until I was able to afford the Sennheiser HD600. Best audio purchase IMO. Thanks for writing all those great articles on your site; I wouldn’t have thought of saving for the HD600s without them."
-Kyle Chan
"They arrived today (the m40x), epic f*****g headphones I cannot believe this magic. This power. I mean, it's neutral in all aspects! Thank you so much and congratulations from Mexico. Maybe I don't speak English very well but I can understand and write too. You're the God of the reviews without an inclination in your own taste of the product. Thank you so much Stuart."
-Maximiliano Rhymes
“Hey man, just wanted to say that I found your site a couple of days ago while looking for some mic comparisons for the AT2020. I’m a rookie at this studio stuff, and barely beginning (still buying the hardware part, lol), but man… I gave up searching on google when I discovered your site, ’cause honestly, I haven’t found a place with more resources and info into this stuff than your site. You rock man. Your site rocks. Please, for the sake of newbs like me just starting out, keep up the hard work, ’cause it sure as heck has helped me a LOT, and will probably help me even more when I get into the ‘real’ stuff. Glad to see that there’s people around sharing their experiences and knowledge for the ‘greater good’ of strangers which they may never know. (Crazy, huh?) Oh, that’s the beauty of the internet, for sure! Thanks again buddy! See ya!”
-Felipe Donadon
“Home Studio Basics provided an excellent recommendation for my audio setup. It was the first website I found to provide exactly what I needed. More importantly, I contacted Stu and he went out of his way to make sure I purchased the best setup specific for my needs. Excellent experience! I highly recommend Stu and Home Studio Basics.”
-William Knight
"I really enjoy your evaluations and think they are the best on the internet!"
-Jonathan Finkle

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