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The Apos Caspian

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Oh, to be Prince Caspian. Afloat upon the waves.

I still can’t get the song by Phish out of my head.

What is it with audio companies naming their headphones after cool stuff?

iFi did it with the Neo (wake up, Neo) and Zen, Focal’s Stellia reminds me of the Interpol song “Stella was a diver and she’s always down”, plus lots more stuff I can’t think at the moment.

And now we’ve got Apos throwing their .02 into the mix (name wise lol) with their flagship Caspian, a headphone with an interesting backstory and promising measurements.

It’s also super easy to drive and can play from most phones and laptops!

The Caspian is slated to be released on August 17th, 2021.

I’m definitely looking forward to it and you should be too!



Seriously, read the story and the materials used. It looks awesome!


And let me know if you have any questions.

Don't forget to share if you found it helpful!

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